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Presenting to you the most dynamic, classic yet futuristic typeface. Abril Fatface is a modern Sans-Serif typeface and this versatile typeface is authored by Veronika Burian and Jose Scaglione whereas it is released by a famous font foundry named TypeTogether. This typeface foundry is situated in Prague, Czech Republic.

Moreover, the design and style of this typeface have taken inspiration from the Roman Scottish typefaces and 19th-century Slab-serif typefaces. This splendid typeface also includes many typographic extensions such as motifs, borders, alternative characters, and some special characters. Its character set is composed of numerals, symbols, ligatures, and alphabets of both cases.

Abril Fatface Font Features

This typeface belongs to a big-fat family and equips 18 styles that are appropriate for all display and text purposes. The display style of this typeface instantly catches the attention of the reader because it occupies a high contrast, has good color, and has curvy-shaped letters.

Its initial style resembles classic Didon models which provides a strong presence to the content and avoids overlapping of characters. These features differentiate the font from other fonts. Go on have a look at the characters of this font in this view image.

Abril Fatface font

Download Abril Fatface Font

This incredible typeface is developed under an Open-Source license and allows it accessible for everyone and for any purpose. Rather its personal, official, commercial, or digital. So if you want to download this superb typeface on your devices then just click on the download link which is available on our website.

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Download Now

To acquire this high-quality typeface, simply click on the download button below. However, please note that the file is only available for personal use and is free of charge.

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Fonts Combination With Abril Fatface Font

Bearing in mind the aspect of font pairing, it is very essential to select the right typeface which complements your projects. As this is an era of modern Calligraphic typefaces so, Abril Fatface is an excellent option to give recognition to your projects.

Several fonts can make an amazing combination with the Abril Fatface font and give a sophisticated outlook to your designs. For instance, Open Sans, Raleway, Josefine Slab, Montserrat and Source Sans Pro fonts enhance the overall look of your design.

Usage of Abril Fatface Font

This typeface has binary usage on both print and digital platforms. Its display part is designed for large-scale editorial purposes such as giving headings to newspapers, magazines, or pocketbooks and creating titles for movies, novels, books, presentations, and much more.

Whereas, its textual part goes well with body text purposes as the overall width of its lettering brings ease and continuity to your reading. Its appealing text structure enhances the layout of your designs and patterns. It can be optimized for several other purposes such as posters and banner layouts, writing quotations, product descriptions, taglines, product branding, or designing logos, websites, road signs, tradeshow displays; so and forth.


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