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Let’s introduce a new typeface that belongs to the Sans-Serif typeface family which is known as Akira Expanded font. It equips a strong and smooth text structure and its bold serifs give an awesome appearance to your project.

This typeface was designed at Typologic and it holds all uppercase letters and is designed with extended widths. It is comprised of geometric shapes, vigorous curves, and a unique set of glyphs. This impeccable font is presented in three styles; Akira Bold, Akira Outline, and Akira Superbold.

Uses of Akira Expanded Font in Different Places?

This incredible font owns a striking style that is amazing for headlines and titles and drags attention. It enhances the outlook of websites and app headers and its striking bold appearance best goes with book covers, packaging designs, social media posts, and much more.


This font possesses an aesthetic touch and holds its characters with elegance which is fantastic for making logos or using it in advertising campaigns to capture the attention of viewers. This font is a fantastic option for any developer who wishes to have an eye-catching project design. whenever you are working on an animated project.

License Information

This sensational typeface is free for personal use only. If you want to utilize it for commercial purposes then you are recommended to purchase its license to avail of its premium version.

Download Akira Expanded Font Freely

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    OTF | TTF

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Download Now

You can download this stunning typeface free from here, just press the below download button and save it in the zip file format.

Download Font for PC/MAC


Questions with Detailed Answers!

Is Akira Expanded typeface free for commercial use?

No, it is not free for commercial purposes. Else, you have to purchase its license before utilizing it for business motives.

What type of typeface is Akira Expanded?

This aesthetic typeface comes from a Sans-Serif typeface family and possesses striking character sets.

Is Akira Expanded typeface useful for branding purposes?

Its bold and striking serifs suit very well for branding purposes and catch the attention of viewers.

What is the closest texture to the Akira Expanded typeface?

The closest font to this typeface is Impact Font. It has a neat and outstanding texture that will make your project look more attractive.

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