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Are you looking for an amazing typeface that equips a solid texture and enables you to give a clean and clear look to your ideas and creations? Then, you are in the right place as we’ll take you out of this difficult situation and provide the best solution.

Akira font is a member of the Sans-Serif typeface family and is comprised of a solid texture. This fantastic typeface is created by Fadiel Muhammad and released by The Typologic Font Foundry.  It is provided with an online generator tool that enables you to change your text into this typeface using its copy-paste function.

The typeface contains a unique and rigorous impression and it was specifically designed for display purposes. It is presented with a single regular style along with a variety of glyphs (approx.350) which includes upper and lowercase alphabets, symbols, some punctuations, and numerals.

It also equips many stylistic alternates and is supported by many international languages. This outstanding font allows you to do customizations and variations in your designs using its alternative glyphs.

Usage of Akira Font

This marvelous typeface owns intricate features and thus, makes your projects stand out in all aspects. You can map out several designs such as emblems, books, Ebooks or magazine covers, mockups, or print different sorts of cards like wedding invitation cards, greeting cards, gift cards, business cards, etc.

Due to its ultra-bold style, it goes well with posters and banners. Moreover, it provides a modern texture for graphic design applications like CorelDraw, Canva, and Adobe Illustrator. You can either utilize it for homeware designs or as a Headliner for newspapers or magazines. In short, the narrow spacing between its texts and its clean and clear vision makes your project spectacular.

Akira Font Display

View of Akira Font

Akira Font: Free Alternatives & Similar Fonts

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Akira Font Free of Cost

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This font can use freely in your personal project free of cost. But in commercial projects, it is strictly prohibited of using in commercial projects without purchasing. You will have to purchase its license from any Authorized source.

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What People Want to Know!

What typeface goes with the Akira font?

There are several typefaces that perfectly suit the Akira font but the Verdana font makes a stylish combination with this splendid font.

Who created the Akira font?

This exquisite typeface is the remarkable creation of the famous designer Fadiel Muhammad and The Typologic Font Foundry took charge to release it. It was purposefully designed for the larger embodiments of the texts.

Is Akira font free for commercial use?

No, it’s not free for personal purposes. However, you can optimize it for commercial-based projects only after purchasing its license or if the author himself permits you to utilize the font.

What is the type of Akira font?

Akira is a Sans-Serif typeface and is available in expanded letterforms. It comes from a single-weight family that is Regular along with a unique set of 360 glyphs and many stylistic alternates. The stylish serifs of this typeface give a sensational texture to your projects.

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