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Interpolating a new and trendy typeface which was designed in the earlier 20th century but the designers continued to make variations in the font and presented more updated versions of the typeface named Algerian Font. This astounding typeface belongs to a Fancy typeface family and the credit for designing this versatile font goes to The British Foundry, Stephenson, Blake, and Co.

“Algerian” is the hallmark of the International Typeface Corporation and the Linotype foundry has reserved all of its rights. Initially, it was presented with only uppercase letters but later on, with further development in the typeface; more characters, stylistic alternates, and ligatures were added to this typeface by Michel Hagemann and it goes well with Against font.

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This classic and popular font is available here free of cost. To download this font please click on the “Download Now” button mentioned below.

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Some Additional Uses of Algerian Font

This adorable typeface contains many features which are highly legible, strong and clean, and clear; which perfectly goes with all kinds of projects. It brings a factor of harmony to your designs and thus, appeals to the viewers. The user can optimize this versatile typeface for creating stunning images for websites and blogs, theme designs, office blogs, menus for hotels and restaurants, email marketing templates, and much more.

View of Algerian Font

if you want to create a sensational video tutorial or to design terrific banners and posters layouts then you must choose this font as it will depict fantabulous and mindblowing results and you will be successful to impress the audience. You can even create events and conference spaces using this astonishing typeface.


What type of font is Algerian?

Algerian typeface belongs to a Decorative Serif typeface family and it is comprised of uppercase and lowercase alphabets, numerals, punctuations, symbols, ligatures, and many stylistic alternates. It is constructed on a single weight and it goes well with any kind of project.

What font is closest to the Algerian font?

There are many fonts that can be used in contrast to the Algerian font but Against font is a perfect alternative to this exquisite typeface.

Is Algerian font a copyrighted font?

yes, this font is copyrighted and all the rights of this font are reserved by Linotype Foundry. Though, still, the users are allowed to use its free version in their private projects.

Who is the designer of the Algerian typeface?

Initially, this letter face was presented in the earlier 20th century by the British Foundry Stephenson, Blake & Co. But, later on, Michel Hagemann by FontMesa updated its version in 2005 and presented it again with more ligatures and characters.

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