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Here we are going to introduce a very popular display typeface named Alloha Font. It was designed by Vultype Co and has only one style. Vultype Co is one of the most well-known typeface foundries and has designed many famous fonts including Panthom, Wavesun, Haksen, and many others.

It is a friendly and cute display font that makes it ideal for use in attractive designs. It comes with complete glyphs and weights which include uppercase standard characters, symbols, punctuation, and ligatures. This typeface also has multiple languages support that increases its utility around the world.

All of these aspects and characteristics make it more popular in the typography field. You can add it confidently to your designs and creations to let yourself be amazed by the results. Try to pair it with other sans-serif typefaces like Helvetica or Arial for a better outcome.

How Alloha Font Serves Different Purposes?

It is perfect for logo designs, wedding designs, product designs, branding projects, social media posts, advertisements, photography, product packaging, label, watermark, invitation cards, stationery, and any projects that need a display and friendly taste.

Alloha Font Alloha Font

Use an online text generator for converting your context into this typeface online. If you are a website developer, you can also get access to it using HTML and CSS. You can also utilize it on Canva and Adobe Photo for digital creations.

Alloha Font Free Download

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    OTF | TTF

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Licensing Details for Alloha Font

This typeface has two variants, one is a free version for personal use only and one is paid version for commercial use. Take advantage of the free version and customized your personal projects with this typeface.

Similar Fonts to Alloha Font

Font Details

Name Alloha Font
Designer Vultype Co
Style Display
License Free for personal use

Weights and Styles of Alloha Font

  • Alloha Regular

Commonly Asked Questions

Is Alloha a good font?

If you are looking for a typeface for your titles and headings then try this typeface. You will surely get better results.

Can I use the Alloha typeface for my website?

You can use it for commercial projects but you need to buy its license first. Take advantage of its free version for your personal projects.

Who created the Alloha typeface?

It was created by a well-known typeface foundry named Vultype Co and has only one style.

Can the Alloha typeface be used on Windows?

Yes, you can utilize this typeface on Windows and also on MAC. You just need to download it on your PC.

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