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I’m excited to let you know about the exquisite font which belongs to the Script typeface family. Amarillo Font is quite famous among other fonts due to its unique features and attracts designers to it. The name of this font is derived from a Filipino word that means, “Marigold.”

This is a great creation of Francis Studio who designed each of its characters with proper attention. It is comprised of approximately 320 glyphs which include only upper and lowercase letters and numerals.

The eye-catchy look of its serifs enables you to create dazzling and exceptional designs. It gives mind-blowing results when combined with the Roboto Slab Font.

Its letters are of a cursive shape and thus, play an essential role in defining and specifying its beauty.

Uses of Amarillo Font in Designs

Every graphic designer is eager to create fabulous, outstanding, and wonderful projects and tries their level best to impress the viewers and to make their work recognized.

For this reason, they make a keen selection of fonts and are meticulous while projecting their designs.

Amarillo Font Preview

The amazing features of this font allow you to utilize it for multiple purposes such as for creating attractive Ebook covers, stylish magazine covers, projecting eye-catchy movie titles, and many more.

Moreover, if you are intended to create Gifs or games interface then you must employ this font as it will give superb results and make your project stand out among other creations.

You can also utilize this stunning typeface for advertisement campaigns, brochure layouts, posters and banner designs, public transport navigations, signage or tradeshow displays, resume or cover letter writing, or to make attractive presentations.

Use Amarillo Font Free of Cost

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You can download its freeware version by clicking on the download button below the file has both OTF and TTF features.

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Some Common FAQs!

What is the Amarillo font?

This is a script typeface that was published by Francis Studio. It is comprised of a set of 320 unique glyphs and includes both upper and lowercase letters and numerals only. The edges or corners of its letters are curvy and round and thus, help you to create magnificent designs.

Is Amarillo typeface free for commercial use?

You cannot optimize this font free of cost for business purposes. Else, you have to buy its license or seek permission as this font is copyrighted.

What is the best use of Amarillo font?

It can be utilized for lots of purposes as its usage is not limited to any extent. Although, it best goes when used for creating Gifs or games interface due to its bold and clear look. Most of the graphic designers are fond of using this delicate font.

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