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Let’s introduce a very cool typeface that is named, Impostograph Regular font which is used to design the logo of Among Us game. This beautiful Fancy typeface is devised by the famous graphic designer Armila Oumaragh and she has put emojis in the place of its first letter. The designer has struggled a lot to come up with a splendid typeface.

Now, I’m gonna discuss some of its prominent features that include 63 script characters, custom illustrations, symbols, and punctuations.

It is composed of a stylish set of 33 glyphs which is structured on 2048 units per em. This exceptional typeface belongs to a 2-weight family that is Regular and Bold.

These weights help to generate the texts with monoline characters and thus, a hand-drawn effect is reflected in its designs. It helps you to create impressive designs.

You can add this exceptional typeface to your wish list as it may help you to design various projects such as creating a top-notch video game interface or to give a cartoonish effect to your website designs.

It can either be adopted to create beautiful murals for walls and to draw cartoon-type characters on wallpapers to decorate a child’s room.

Among Us Font

A Short Glimpse On The History Of Among Us Font

Among Us is an online video game that involves several players and it is designed by American Game Studio Innersloth. This is a role-changing game and it is set in space. It features vulnerable, colorless cartoonish astronauts as the characters of the game.

The players of this game have been given an option either to play as crewmates or Imposters but both teams have to act likewise. It is essential for the crewmates to recognize the opposite team and to complete all the tasks assigned to them in order to achieve success.

Among Us Font

Among Us Font And Its Pairing With Other Fonts

Among Us, font is a funky and cool typeface and it makes an incredible combination with Rugrats font which gives a prettier and more impressive effect to your projects.

How To Get Access To Among Us Font?

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You can have your hand on this amazing typeface by just clicking on the link given on our website. This link is completely secure and error/bugs free so, don’t hesitate to download it.

Download Font for PC/MAC

Among Us Font Generator Tools

This clumsy and splendid typeface is provided with another amazing feature which is its online generator tool which helps the users to change their simple text structure into this typeface using its copy-paste function. This tool helps to save time, make your design legible and give an eye-catchy look to your projects or patterns.


Conclusively, we can say that this is an awesome and mind blowing typeface that enables its users to design a variety of projects like road signs, trade show displays, advertisement campaigns, gaming interfaces, website designs, product packaging, and description; so on and so forth.

I’ll recommend you utilize this font in your upcoming projects as it will bring a drastic change in viewership and you would be able to attract more and more audience.

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