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In this post, we are going to represent the Arial Font. Arial Font is a sans-serif typeface designed by two famous American typeface designers Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders. This typeface was designed in a Neogrosteque style and was finally released on the market in 1982.

This was the first font in history that was specifically designed keeping personal computers and laser printing in mind. And this font is owned by Monotype Corporation.

Eight years later after the release of the Arial font in 1990, a TrueType outline version of the Arial was developed by the founders of this typeface Robin Nicholas and Patricia Saunders, and that TrueType outline version was licensed to Microsoft.

Later on, after two years, Microsoft replaced the Helvetica font with the Arial font as one of their core TrueType fonts.

Later on, this font’s popularity increased a lot throughout the globe. One of the major reasons for its popularity was the selection of Microsoft as their default font and replacing of Helvetica. And next reason was that this font was san-serif.

Many organizations and brands at that time selected Arial over Helvetica because the licensing fee for Helvetica was so high.

For the next seventeen years, Arial Font was the default font for the majority of Microsoft products such as Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook. It was the default font until Calibri was introduced and Arial was replaced by Calibri.

Arial Font Uses and Appearance

This font is used in many websites, logos, advertisement signs, words written on high trucks, vehicle signage, Hotel signs, Design shops, Plummer company, Bike bags, License plate holders, vehicle signs, and also many more. You name anything and this font is used over there.

Arial Font Preview

This font is widely used for designing books and printing. Because of its high readability factor, this typeface is considered best for designing reading materials.

This typeface is also widely used in creating online documents such as pdf, or other company or brand official documents, or even when you are creating your school or college assignments you can make use of this font.

This typeface is one of the world most safe fonts and It is found on all operating systems. It is the most used typeface for both digital and print media.

The Microsoft Proprietary telecommunication application SKYPE. Its logo is designed in Arial font. This typeface is also the default typeface on Google docs and also many other word processors.

Recently In a survey, it was found that Arial font is the easiest font on the eyes. And while reading a digital document or a pdf or book people are more comfortable reading with this font instead of other fonts.

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Commonly Raised Questions!

Who uses Arial font?

This font is used by Google as the default font for Google docs. All the operating systems in the world include this font family or some fonts from this family. It is also used by Skype which is a Microsoft Proprietary telecommunication application based on voice over Internet protocol in their logo.

Which font is closest to Arial?

Helvetica is considered to be closest to Arial. There are many other fonts also such as Adagio Sans Font, Calibri  Font, Cartogothic Font, Collaborate Font, Deja Vu Font, Gandhi Font, and many others fonts that are also close to this font.

Who created the Arial font?

This font was created by Patricia Saunders and Robin Nicholas in 1982.

Do all computers have Arial font?

All the operating systems in the world contain fonts from the Arial family. Microsoft Windows from Windows 3.1 onwards variants contain fonts from this family.

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