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Today, I’m going to let you know about an exquisite typeface which is called Aster font. This Sans-Serif typeface is carefully devised by a famous American graphic designer, Vic Carless and it made its public appearance in 1992. This ethereal typeface was specifically created for the renowned company, Hewlett-Packard Corporation.

Typography is not only about beautiful letter structure; it is also considered an effective mode of communication. So, you have to be very picky while selecting an appropriate typeface. For this purpose, we’re here to provide you with a complete guide related to fonts. As you all are aware that fonts work as a pillar in textual creations.

The clean and contemporary structure of the typeface encourages the users to utilize it for various purposes ranging from formal to informal perspectives. It falls in the category of Geometric Sans-Serif because of the uniformity among its characters which delivers a sense of clarity and harmony.

Aster Font

Usages of Aster Font

This multifaceted typeface is popular because of its practical application and this feature of its makes it ideal among content creators and designers. It can be utilized for a variety of designs due to its simple, elegant yet contemporary style and sharp corners of its characters. Designers employ this stunning typeface to create body text, headings or print materials like product descriptions, catalogs, etc.

Furthermore, professionals can adapt this typeface to create sensational designs and patterns due to its legibility, which assigns a prominent place to this typeface in typography. This can be effectively employed to design software programs, website designs, social media posts, or to generate digital media content.

Free Alternatives of Aster Font

Several fonts can be equipped as an alternative to this magnificent typeface. the list of those fonts is mentioned below:

  • Open Sans Font
  • Lato Font
  • Roboto Font
  • Quicksand Font
  • Raleway Font
  • Fira Sans Font

Aster Font: Different Weights and Styles

The Aster font is constructed on four weights and each of its weights gives a different yet pleasing outlook to your projects. Moreover, each of its weights comprises upper and lowercase letters, punctuations, and numbers. The weights are listed below:

  • Aster Font Regular
  • Aster Font Bold
  • Aster Font Italic
  • Aster Font Bold-Italic

Download Aster Font Free

The download/installation process of this font is very easy. A download button is provided below and you simply have to click on that button; after clicking it will quickly start downloading and you can use it to give a mesmerizing effect to your private tasks.

  • File Type

    OTF | TTF

  • License


Download Now

Access the free version of this font by clicking on the download button below. You’ll be delighted by the array of characters and styles available to you, which will enhance your designs.

Download Font for PC/MAC


In this article, you are provided with a complete description of Aster font which is a beautiful creation of Vic Carless. The designer has included all the attributes which are essential to fulfil the requirement of any project. Some of its features like its legibility and versatility make it a foremost choice for designers who need a typeface for body content or heading purposes.

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