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Avenir font is a famous and popular geometric sans-seif font that was created by the famous and professional swiss designer Adrian Frutiger in 1987. After one year, it was released by an American company Linotype GmbH.

Avenir is a French term that means “future,” and it was inspired by the classic typeface Futura, which was introduced in 1927, according to Adrian Frutiger, who is considered one of the best typeface designers of the twentieth century.

This font is available in more than 50 languages including Greek, Arabic, Latin, Cyril, and many more.

This font is popular among designers because it works well across a wide range of media and devices. Furthermore, it was released in 1988 with three weights, each having a roman and an oblique version. Later on, several weights were added to its family, and many more will be added in the near future.

In one of the Interviews with one of the most famous and professional designers, Adrian Frutiger clearly claimed Avenir as his finest work. So, let’s explore the finest work of one of the most popular and professional designers Adrian Frutiger.

The Vision of Avenir Font

Avenir Font

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Some Common Uses of Avenir Font

The popularity of a typeface can be measured by the amount of its usage. And this typeface is used by most of the brands that are worldwide famous. Some of them have used this typeface in their logo and others have used it in their websites.

Many famous brands worldwide use this font as their brand corporate typeface. Brands such as Japanese Airlines and Japanese automobile manufacturers use this typeface in their brand logos.

This typeface is also used by LandRover as their primary typeface on their website, and the universally famous APPLE also used this typeface for its Maps and also on some Siri screens.

Many web developers love to write their website content using this font because it can be paired with any other typeface. It is available in CSS(Cascading style sheet) font family with the name ‘Avenir’.

This font is mostly used in websites and mobile apps because of its versatility, It can cope and can be used with other typefaces. This typeface is mostly recommended for headings and in the body, you can use another typeface.

This typeface is also recommended for the Resume, as its clean and refreshing look gives your resume a very clean and appealing look.

Generally Asked Questions!

Is Avenir a free Google font?

Yes, it is a google font that is free for personal use but to use it for commercial purposes you have to purchase its license.

What font family is Avenir is?

This font family is geometric sans-serif which was released in 1988 by an American company called Linotype GmbH.

Is Avenir available in Adobe?

Yes, this font is available in Adobe and you can license it directly from Adobe but licensing it directly from Adobe won’t include rights to use it on the web.

What is Avenir known for?

The designer of this font Adrian Frutiger clearly claimed in one of his interviews that Avenir is his best work and while designing this awesome font he always kept human nature in mind and It was the typeface of all on which he has worked the most.

What Google font is similar to Avenir?

Google font Sen, These typeface characters are mostly similar to the Avenir typeface. It also contains many features that can be found in the Avenir typeface also.

Is Avenir book a free font?

Avenir book font is a font that is derived from the family of this font. It is free to use same as like the avenir font for personal use which can be downloaded from our site.

What is Avenir CDN?

CDN stands for content delivery network. If you want to write the content with avenir font on your web page then you can visit avenir cdn it will help you provide the code of how can you use this font in your CSS.

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