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Avenir Next font is a sans-serif typeface that was designed by the famous swiss designer who also designed many other famous fonts including the parent of this font Avenir named Adrian Frutiger.

Avenir Next font was formed because the designer of the font Adrian Frutiger thought that the former  Avenir font didn’t have enough variations but only had three variations at the release time.

That’s why he started working on a new font with enough variations. And the Avenir Next font was formed. At the time of release, it had twenty-four different styles. which include Regular, Italic, Condensed, and Condensed Italic variations.

After the completion of this font, It was finally released and published in 2004 by Linotype GMBH.

Using Avenir Next Font for Eye-Catching Headlines and Titles

Many organizations have used this font as their official font. It is largely used in logos, advertising purposes, and other types of branding.

Avenir Next is also a great choice for web design. The font is fully optimized by the web, with a wide range of web-specific characters such as automatic kerning and improved hinting. This makes it a great choice for designers looking to create a beautiful, legible website.

Another feature of this font is its extensive character set. This font includes a wide range of weights and styles, including regular, bold, and bold italic. This makes it great for projects that include a lot of typographic variations such as books, magazines, and websites.

Avenir Next Font Preview

LG is a global consumer electronics brand. It is the parent company of the famous LG phones. This brand uses this font on its cell phone display button.

This typeface is also considered best for T-shirt designs, invitation cards, Presentations, posters, badges, etc.

This font has its online font generator available. Font generator converts fonts into various formats that you can utilize for different purposes. Just type the word in the font generator and it will generate that word in various styles of the Avenir Next font.

How I Download Avenir Next Font

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    OTF | TTF

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Download Now

Looking for a typeface that is as beautiful as it is versatile? Look no further than this option that can be easily downloaded by clicking on the button.

Download Font for PC/MAC


This font is free for desktop use but if you want to use it for mac you have to buy a license. And same is the case for commercial use if you want to use this font for commercial purposes then you have to purchase its license directly from its foundry or from the commercial market.


Is Avenir Next font free to use?

It is free for personal use but If you want to use it in any of your projects or for any other commercial purpose then you will have to purchase its license from its owner.

What font is Avenir Next?

This font is a geometric sans serif which was designed by the famous typeface designer Adrian Frutiger. And It was released by one of the most famous foundries in the world named Linotype GmbH.

Is Avenir Next a free Google font?

This font is not a free google font. It is not included in the google font libraries, To use this font on your website you will have to purchase its Webfont license.

Is Avenir Next a standard Microsoft font?

This font is available for Microsoft Office 365 and also for other wide variety of products. Microsoft calls it ‘Avenir Next Lt pro’ but it is the same Avenir Next.

Does Canva have Avenir Next font?

Canva doesn’t have this font in its font library nor it has the parent of this font ‘Avenir’ in its font library. But although it has alternatives of this font which you can utilize in place of these fonts.

What font can pair with Avenir Next?

This font can pair with many fonts. Like Monostena, Harriet Display, Athelas, Flat, Univers Next, and Miller Display font. This font pairing can look great with all these and also many other fonts. If you want to try it just give Avenir Next 58px and any of the pairs 28px and then try how it looks for you.

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