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Today we are introducing the Bebas Neue Font which belongs to the sans-serif typeface family. This font was developed by the famous Japanese typeface designer Ryoichi Tsunekawa in 2010 who is also the creator and director of the renowned typeface foundry Dharma Type.

This font family is derived from the Bebas font which was also developed by the same typeface designer Ryoichi Tsunekawa. It is a clean minimalist font that is best for headlines and titles.

One of the most notable features of this font is its simplicity. It is a sans-serif font with a thick and bold appearance. Its thick and bold appearance makes it easier to read even when in small size.

Another great feature of that it’s free and open-source which means it is free to use for both personal and commercial uses without purchasing any additional license.

This font is available in regular and bold weights and it’s also been made available in a wide range of languages including Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic.

The Sizzling Look at Bebas Neue Font


To Download Bebas Neue Font

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By clicking on the button provided below, you can download this beautiful typeface that is suitable for a variety of designs.

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Some Most Important Places to Use Bebas Neue Font

Netflix is the world’s top premium streaming service and production company uses this font in their logo. Their logo is designed using this font.

The famous Hop Nation Brewing Co. popular brewery “Better Distraction” uses this font in its logo. Similarly, the dark audio hi-fi website uses this font on their website.

This font was also used in the RATP anti-harassment campaign in November 2022 by the RATP group(French for Autonomous Parisian Transportation Administration). This campaign was all against harassment across RATP social media channels.

Questions with Detailed Answers!

Is Bebas Neue a Google font?

Yes, It is a google font. This font is included in the Google font library.

Who made Bebas Neue?

This font was created by the famous Japanese typeface designer Ryoichi Tsunekawa who is also the creator and director of the renowned typeface foundry Dharma Type.

Is Bebas Neue font free?

Yes, this font is completely free for both personal and commercial uses. It is also open source typeface, which means that it’s freely available.

What font paring goes well with Bebas Neue on Canva?

This font pairing over Canva goes well with fonts such as  Montserrat, Brandon Grotesque, Arial, Serif, Roboto, and Avenir. Many designers love to use its pairing with these fonts. Because this font alone is really admired in the designer’s sphere. And is highly used in graphic designing materials.

What typeface looks like Bebas Neue?

There are many google and other fonts that look similar to this font. But fonts such as Beer Font, GoBold Font, Big Noodle Titling Font, Alegre Sans Font, and American Purpose Font share many mutual features and characteristics with this font.

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