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Today we will be exploring the famous Sans-Serif typeface known as Broadway Font. This font has its own legacy. It has a history back to the year 1927 and It is released in a variety of versions with a number of variants.

The typeface designer of this font was the famous font designer known as Morris Fuller. Morris Fuller was a famous American typeface designer who started working on this font back in the year 1927. Soon after the hard work of one complete year, this font came into existence. It was released in the year 1928 under the license of the American Type Founders.

Morris Puller is a famous American typeface designer he has not only developed this font but is also known as the creator of some other famous fonts such as Alternate Gothic Font, News Gothic Font, and also many more.

However, this font was released in the year 1928 by the ‘American Type Founder’ a famous typeface foundry in America but soon after a few years, this font was re-issued by another famous typeface foundry known as Monotype. In the year 1954, the American Type Founder broke their all ties with this font.

This font got so much popularity in a very short time period and the reason behind its popularity is that this typeface portrays the vibe of the 20s and 30s. Soon after its so much popularity, many other versions of this font were released.

At the time of release, this font didn’t contain any UPPER_CASE letters but soon after the release its lowercase letters were also released and the lowercase letters were designed by another typeface designer SOI Hess and it was designed in the Monotype foundry.

This typeface comprises a large number of styles and weights. And also this typeface includes a good number of variants available for free. You can utilize those variants in your design if you are not in a position to afford this font’s premium or licensed version.

This typeface also includes its own online free generator tool. This generator tool can be utilized for a variety of purposes. This free generator tool will generate this font in a variety of styles and help you select the best style for your design. And then you can also download that text for free without any cost.

The more interesting fact about this font is that you do not have to download it on your system you can use it in the online environment completely for free.

Uses of Broadway Font for Logo Designs

This typeface is considered very well-suited for logo designs. Many famous companies, magazines, industries and many more have already used this font in their logos.

“Mappy Arcade Game”, which is a Japanese arcade cops and robbers game. This game logo is designed using this typeface.

“British Blues” is a famous British rock music band. This band used this font in one of their music albums many years ago. This typeface has a very clean structure and smooth lines which make it easy to read. Due to its high legibility factor, it is widely used in headlines, titles, Cover pages, books, and many more.

You can pair this font with peace sans font. This typeface was also seen in action in one of the famous French cooking guidebook logos. It has a clean and modern look that’s why many brands and businesses adopt this font in their designs.

This legible font is also considered well-suited for web designs. Many designers consider it good for websites and also use it in their web designs.

This font is also widely used in pairing with other fonts. And the reason it is so commonly used with other fonts is that it easily subsists with its pairing fonts. They both together make the design more handsome.

Font Details

Name Broadway Font
Designer Morris Fuller
Style Sans Serif
License Free for personal use

Preview of Broadway Font

Broadway Font

Download Broadway Font Free!

  • File Type

    OTF | TTF

  • License


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Is Broadway Font a free font?

Yes, this font is free to use for personal projects. You can’t use it for your commercial projects without purchasing the license for this font. Unless you haven’t bought the license for this font you can not use it for commercial projects.

What font is similar to Broadway Font?

This font has many similar fonts such as Broadway MT STD Font, primetime font, Parisish Font, LHF Bell Boy Font, and Broadway Musical Font.

What Google fonts are similar to Broadway?

Google Fonts such as Mostra Nuova Font, OakPark Font, and Dusty Rose NF Font are the fonts that contain many similar characteristics as this font. If you are willing to use a free alternative of this font then you can select any of this font mentioned above and use them for free for both your personal and as well as your commercial projects.

Can I Use Broadway Font for My Logo?

Yes, this font is highly preferable for logo designs. As it contains many features that make it suitable for logos. like it contains modern characters that are very clean and stylish which makes your design modern, stylish, and at the same time readable too.

What kind of font is Broadway Font?

This is a Sans-Serif typeface that was designed by the famous font designer known as Morris Fuller and it was released in the year 1928. It has clean and easy-to-read characters and at the same time, it also adds a touch of style and modernity to your design.

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