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Calibri Font is a modern sans-serif typeface designed by a dutch designer Luc(as) de Groot in 2002. It was commissioned by Microsoft for use as their default font in various of their products including Office and Windows.

Calibri font replaced the Times New Roman font in Microsoft Office 2007, which was the default font of Microsoft Office before Office 2007. And replaced the Arial font in Microsoft Powerpoint which was the default font of Microsoft PowerPoint.

Since then It became a popular design for both digital and print purposes.  Its clean, simple design makes it easy to read on screens of all sizes. And its fine curved shapes give it a more friendly and approachable look compared to more traditional sans-serif fonts.

Who Can Use Calibri Font?

Calibri font is a widely used font and is the default font for many Microsoft Products such as Office, Windows, and Xbox. it is also used by various other companies for their digital and Print media.

Many Brands such as Microsoft, Dell, HP, Accenture, PwC, McKinsey, KPMG, and many others brands use this beautiful font in many of their products and designs.

Calibri Font Preview

Calibri font is well-suited for websites. This font’s legibility on screens of all sizes makes it a great option for website design

This font is also considered best for branding purposes, Its subtle curves and friendly appearance make it a great choice for creating a brand identity

It can also be used for Print material, Calibri’s clear design and good readability make it suitable for print materials such as brochures, flyers, and posters. Its well-suited and modern design makes it a great choice for books and magazine design.

This font is considered best for applications and software also. Calibri’s clear and easy-to-read design makes it a great choice for designing user Interfaces for software applications.

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FAQs by Creator!

Is Calibri free to use?

If you are using this font for personal use then it is license free and free to use but If you are willing to use it for commercial purposes then it is not free to use, You have to purchase the license of this font from its original foundry or from the commercial market.

Is Calibri a professional font?

Yes, It is on the top of the professional fonts list considered best for a resume. Its modern looks, clean lines, and well-spaced and easy-to-read features bring it to the top of the professional fonts list.

Is Calibri Ok for CV?

This font is considered to be the best font for CV. Among the list of best resume fonts, this font rules the list and is at the top. The reason behind it is that it is a more professional-looking and modern font. And also a bonus point is that it is easily readable.

Is Calibri Ok for reading?

Yes, this font is considered Ok for reading, It has a nice and clean character and has a good distinction between the characters which makes the font easier to read.

Which Google font is similar to Calibri?

The famous google font Open Sans is considered to be very similar to the Microsoft font Calibri. Many of the characteristics and features of google font open sans match this font.

Is Calibri good for academic writing?

Yes, many authors and organizations widely use this font and also many Institutes accept documents using this font. There are alternatives to this font that you can use for your academic writing such as Arial or Times New Roman.

Why is the font called Calibri?

Lucas de Groot the typeface designer of this font said that Microsoft wanted his font name to start with ‘C’ after many names were proposed and rejected, finally, Company came up with the name ‘Calibri’, Gross doesn’t like the name but then Microsoft employees said that it is related to calibrating the rasterizer in the company’s ClearType font rendering system. And finally, the name was put to Calibri.

What is the best size for Calibri?

The font size matters where you are using it in a document. While writing any document you should always keep balance in font size. Because that is what makes your document look very irregular. If you are writing the bullet points then it is best to use a font size of 10.5, But if you are using it for short titles like past job titles or an organization or company name then 12 or 14 font size is considered best.

Who uses Calibri?

Microsoft, Dell, HP, Accenture, PwC, McKinsey, KPMG, and many other famous brands use this font for many of their products. This font is the default typeface in many Microsoft products such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, Windows, and Xbox.

What Canva Font Is Similar to Calibri?

Helvetica, Arial, and Verdana three are fonts that are considered similar fonts to Calibri on the Canva app. You can select any of these three fonts if you do not want to use this font or want an alternative to this font.

Which font is similar to Calibri in Adobe?

In adobe, you can find many fonts that serve in the way same as this font. You can use Concur font or guardian sans font or Seravek font or Fort font instead of Calibri font. These fonts also serve the same as Calibri and they all are available for free on adobe.

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