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Chicago font is a Sans-Serif typeface and it was purposefully designed for Apple computers. Susan Kare is the creator of this fantastic typeface and it became the brand identity of Apple devices. Later on, it was revised by Charles Bigelow and Kris Holmes and its revised edition is more impactful.

It is also provided with a generator tool through which you can easily copy data and paste it to your required place. This font has both file formats OTF and TTF.

Its name is based on a famous city in the United States and it owns a unique set of glyphs including numerals, symbols, upper and lowercase alphabets, and special marks. It provides an impeccable impression to your designs.

Usage of Chicago Font in Various Places

It provides a clean and clear texture which is useful for many purposes. This outstanding font can be utilized for Ebook covers, headings, cloth printing, etc. It gives an aesthetic outlook when you use it for designing catalogs, Gifs, app designs, menus, images for websites, logo creation, and much more.

Students prefer this font for making their assignments and presentations and most of the official documents are also printed using this fantastic font. You may also utilize this stunning texture for making huge levels of design, and projects.

Chicago Font Looks Like

Chicago Font Preview

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People Also Ask about Chicago Font!

Is Chicago font free?

Chicago typeface is free for personal purposes only. Although, you are required to buy its license for commercial purposes.

What type of typeface is Chicago?

Chicago is a sans-serif typeface designed by Susan Kare and remodified by Charle Bigelow and Kris Holmes.

What’s the closest typeface to Chicago?

The salient features of the Railway font are very similar to this font.

Is the Chicago Font good for web purposes?

Yes! This font is a suitable choice for web designs, social media posts, and many other purposes.

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