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In today’s post, we will provide you familiarize with the famous Fancy Font Chinese Rocks Font. If you are a regular visitor of this site then you already know that each day we present new Interesting web fonts to you. We educate you about the font, their font’s families, where they can be used, and different brands that use this font, and each and every tiny detail is provided to you on this site.

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Today’s article is all about the famous Chinese Rocks Font which was designed by the typeface designer known as Raymond Larabie and published by the famous typeface foundries Typodermic Fonts.

The typeface was originally derived from the hand-cut rubber stamps that were used on the export containers from China. These rubber stamps led to the formation of a new fancy and modern typeface Chinese Rocks typeface.

This typeface has a special and modern character with a number of around 188 stylish and unique glyphs. It also supports a large number of languages. Due to this support of higher languages, this font is used in a wide area.

The full version of this font has a number of around 16 styles. And among those styles, you can utilize any that best fits your design.

This typeface can be also seen largely used with pairing with other fonts on websites, in logos, brochures, Advertisements, social media posts, and many more.

Some Effective Uses of Chinese Rocks Font

This fancy font is considered to be well-suited for logo designs, as many brands and organizations use it in their logos.

This font is also considered well-suited for game graphics and web graphics. Many web and game graphics developers have utilized this font in many of their projects. They have admired this font and also suggested using this font with another font pair that suits you well.

Chinese Rock Font Preview

Many designers love to use this font in their logos. They also suggest finding the right pair with this font and it will surely endorse your logo and give it an eye-catching look.

It is also considered to be well-suited for the purpose of social media posts, and social media advertisements. Its clean and fancy look makes it easily readable and catchy which attracts the customer in the first go.

Along with social media posts, this font is largely used on websites too with the pairing of the other fonts. You can find this font on many websites used with other fonts.

Download the Chinese Rocks Font Here!

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Download Now

This fancy font is perfect for any type of project. To download this font just click on the download link that is given.

Download Font for PC/MAC

Frequently Asked Questions!

Is Chinese Rocks a Modern Font?

This is a fancy typeface designed by Raymond Larabie and was published by the famous Typodermic typeface foundry. It is well suited for almost any type of device whether it is Personal Computer, Laptop or Mac or other. It is used on all and this font outstands all of them.

Is Chinese Rocks a free font?

Yes, this font is free for both personal and commercial uses. You can use this font totally free without any hesitation for your personal projects as well as your commercial projects Unless it satisfies your requirements and well suits your design project.

Can I use the Chinese Rocks font for my logo design?

Yes, this font alone as well as a pairing with another font is considered a satisfactory font for the design of the logo. Many designers love to use this font alone in their logo and also many designers love to pair this font with another font and use it for their logo.

Is Chinese Rocks a Google Font?

No, this font is not a Google font. As this font is not included in the official Google fonts library that is owned by Google. And Google adds only those fonts to this library that are commissioned by Google.

Is Chinese Rocks a good web font?

It is hard to say that this font is a good web font. But yes, one thing is for sure this font is used on many websites with a pairing of another font. Many designers consider it a good font with the right pair for websites.

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