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Historically, the Clarendon font was developed by Robert Besley in 1845 as a Slab-Serif typeface under the supervision of Thorowgood and Co. It seems that the letters are beautifully carved on wooden blocks. Its alignment of texts gives a warm feel and a soft impression to the body of the texts.

The arrangement of texts in this typeface differentiates in weight between the heavier Egyptian and the lighter Roman. The variation in weight and the rounded fillets create a classic and stylish design. Claredons equips a bold solid structure that quite resembled modern serif typefaces of the 19th century.

These antique serifs are comprised of large x-height, bracketed texts, short ascenders and descenders, and vertical stress. This typeface consists of 1000 units per em and 202 glyphs along with highly legible characters.

Can I Use Clarendon Font For My Designs?

Clarendon typeface has gained popularity in maximum parts of the world because of its softer impression and it has been widely used in making posters and display applications that show a wooden touch to your textual body.

Clarendon Font Preview

This amazing typeface can be used to create banners, logos, menus, invitation cards, book covers, game interfaces, signage, trade show display, etc. The fabric industry also prefers to use this font for printing purposes. It gives a charming and stunning effect to your projects.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)!

Is Clarendon Font free for commercial use?

No, this typeface is not free for commercial purposes. Else, you have to buy its license or seek permission from the author.

What is Clarendon typeface used for?

You can use it to display images to give them a wooden impression.

What fonts are similar to Clarendon font?

There are several fonts similar to Clarendon typeface but Century Schoolbook and Sentinel fonts are closest to this typeface.

What is the type of Clarendon typeface?

The Clarendon typeface is a Slab-Serif typeface and it was created by Robert Besley under the supervision of Thorowgood and Co.

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