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Coca-Cola Font is a trademark for a known beverage brand and it was discovered by John Stith Pemberton in 1886. The logo of this brand was designed by Frank Mason Robinson in 1885 and the font used to design its logo was Spencerian Script Font.

This sensational font contains 95 defined characters and 57 unique sets of glyphs along with stylish swashes. It is comprised of upper and lowercase letters and numerals only along with some stylistic alternates.

It is supported by many languages such as English, Hebrew, Latin, Greek, Turkish, Vietnamese, Italian, Spanish, and many more.

This amazing font is also provided with an online generator tool that enables you to transform your simple design into a graphic design.

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Advanced Uses of Coca-Cola Font

This Calligraphy typeface possesses a stylish hand-crafted look and its delicate style makes it exquisite for lots of project designs.

This elegant typeface is suitable for a variety of designs including product packaging, greeting cards or invitation cards for special events, shopping bag printing, text printing on mugs or T-shirts, and much more.


Moreover, due to its delicacy and modesty, it can be optimized for branding projects, watermarks, labels, homeware designs, poster designs, or for photography.

It can also go well for writing précised paragraphs or product descriptions or you can adopt this font for emblem designs, brochure layouts, logo designs, advertisement campaigns; so on and so forth.

More FAQs You Need to Know!

What font is used for the logo creation of Coca-Cola?

the Spancerian Script typeface is used to design the logo and trademark of Coca-Cola. It’s a beautifully hand-crafted typeface that contains a unique set of 57 glyphs along with swashes and stylistic alternates.

Is the Coca-Cola font copyrighted?

The font which was used to design the logo of Coca-Cola company is copyrighted and allows access only when you purchase the font to utilize it for commercial projects. However, it provides free access to personal projects.

Who created the Coca-Cola typeface?

This logo font was created by Frank Mason Robinson in 1862 and he presented the letters in a specified and delicate manner.

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