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You would have heard a lot about the discord app and more probably you will also be using it, It is obvious everyone does, If not so at least they know about this amazing platform. But today we will not be discussing but oppositely we will be discussing Discord font.

Discord font’ What in the world is that?? Today in this article I am going to give you full details of this font. We will be exploring and understanding the bits and bytes of this font. So without wasting any time let’s deep dive into it.

Discord Font is the font that is used in the logo or the font that is used on this platform. The original font name is Open Sans which is a sans-serif typeface designed by Svet Simov in 2009.

But you will be like WHAT!!!, You are wrong, I am well aware that the discord platform was established in the year 2015.

I know you are right. The platform was established on 13 May 2015, But the font was released by the famous Font Fabric foundry six years back in the year 2009. And then six years later this platform came into being.

This platform has a very special and catchy logo which is designed using this font. The typeface has a very special clean character with a special modernity in it that adds charm to your design and makes it look very modern and handsome.

It has more than a hundred unique and legible characters with the addition of fourteen weights. The fourteen weights include seven italic and seven upright.

This special font also includes its own free generator tool too. The free generator tool can be utilized without downloading it on your operating system. It is used to create the text of your wish in all the styles of that font and allows you to select the family of your choice. You can also download the generated text completely for free.

Use of Discord Font for Logo Designs

This typeface is used in one of the world’s top most-rated applications logos. So you can consider it for your logo designs. Use this amazing font and create astonishing, eye-catching, and pleasing logos for your brand or your business.

Discord Font Preview

This font can be used for websites as their primary web font because its clean lines and neat structure will make it easy to read and view. And also its modern characters will add the sense and feel of modernity to your design too.

It is also considered well-suited for the headlines titles, printing and cover pages of your book. It is highly used in headlines as it will make them more visible and easy to read.

You can also use this font for YouTube thumbnail designs, brochures, banners, media printing, posters, motion graphics, T-shirt designs, and many more.

Free Download Discord Font For Your System

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With its stunning beauty and versatility, this typeface is a great choice for a wide range of designs. Click on the button to download it now.

Download Font for PC/MAC

The Audience also asks about Font!

Is discord Font a free font?

The answer defends If you are using this typeface for personal use only then Yes, It is free to use but If you are using this font for commercial projects then you have to purchase the license for this font.

What font is similar to discord Font?

Fonts such as Filetto ExtraLight Font, Tepeno Sans Light Regular Font, Arvin Light Font and Azeri Sans Light Font are considered to be most similar to this font. As they share many characteristics that are also found in this font too.

What font is the new Discord logo?

The Uni Sans font is utilized in the new discord logo. The early version or old logo of this platform was created using this font and now the logo is updated and also the new logo of this platform is created using the same Uni Sans font.

Can I Use This Font for My Logo?

Yes, this font is used by many designers for logos. It is considered well-suited font for logos. The famous and one of the world’s largest community and top-rated platforms “Discord” also uses this font in its logo design. So you can also consider it in your logos.

What kind of font is discord Font?

This is a sans-serif typeface that was designed in the year 2009. Originally the font is the OpenSans font that is used in the logo of the discord application. It has a very neat and clean structure that is considered best for logos, headlines, titles, web and also for many other purposes.

Is discord Font a google-font?

This font is not a google font. As it is not part of the official google font library. The fonts that are not part of the official Google font library they are not considered to be google fonts.

Is discord Font a good web font?

Yes, this font is considered to be a good web font by many web designers and also they are consistently using it on their websites. This font has a very neat and clean structure that always admires this font and makes it easier to read even from some distance.

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