Metallica Font

Metallica Font Free Download

The Metallica font was first used in the Metallica logo as “Pastor of Muppets,” but it become famous as “Metallica Font.” The magnificent mind

Cocomelon Font

Cocomelon Font Free Download

The famous Cocomelon font was only designed for use in a YouTube channel named Cocomelon channel based on children’s educational videos. This font resembles

Heran Font Free Download

Let’s introduce you to one of the most elegant display fonts named Heran Font. It was designed by Anang F & Malik Wsn and

Keepsmile Font

Keepsmile Font Free Download

Keepsmile Font was designed by Almarkhatype in 2020 which is a well-known typeface foundry. The font draws inspiration from the display typography used in

Alloha Font

Alloha Font Free Download

Here we are going to introduce a very popular display typeface named Alloha Font. It was designed by Vultype Co and has only one

Luckiest Guy Font

Luckiest Guy Font Free Download

Luckiest Guy Font is a display text style that was founded by Astigmatic. This style features 362 excellent characters, including commas, numbers, punctuation in

Collegiate Font

Collegiate Font Free Download

In today’s article, we are going to let you know about the Collegiate font. This stunning font belongs to the Display font family and

Gravity Points Font

Gravity Points Font Free Download

Introducing to you the Gravity Points Font. The lettering of this font is inspired by urban life and games as it contains geometrical characters.

Shodo font

Shodo Font Free Download

In today’s article, we are going to let you know about a unique font called Shodo Font. This font is specifically designed to compose


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