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As an artist or a painter who loves to play with colors and paints, likewise, a graphic designer’s spirits are always high as they loved to generate awe-inspiring fonts and they are always in a mood to do something innovative and unique. The Doctor Glitch font is also an innovative and creative typeface that belongs to the Display typeface family and it was carefully made up by a famous graphic designer, WoodCutter.

The font is developed while keeping in mind the glitch effect which also embodies some cyberpunk features and it can be used to give a touch of uniqueness to your designs.

This impeccable typeface is composed of many stylistic alternates, ligatures, and a comprehensive set of numerals, punctuations, and all uppercase letters. The distinct style of this typeface urges users to utilize it in a wide range of appealing works such as creating zestful backgrounds, technology-based projects, or generating science-fiction-inspired projects.

Doctor Glitch Font

Moreover, this splendid typeface vowed to create an impact and add a touch of off-centered aptitude to any project or work of art. You can either use it to create headlines, logo designs, posters, brochure layouts, or to generate any sort of web design or graphic design project. It will surely provide an everlasting impression.

Doctor Glitch Font: Download and Install for Free

On this platform, you are able to get the free version of this quirky typeface by just clicking on the download button given below. This link is 100% safe and secure so, do not hesitate to get your hand on this amazing typeface.

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    OTF | TTF

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Download Now

The free version of this font can be downloaded by clicking on the brown download button below. You’ll have access to multiple characters and styles that will add value to your design work.

Download Font for PC/MAC

Doctor Glitch Font Generator Tool

The most amazing and fantastic feature of this font is that it is provided with an online generator tool that assists you to regenerate your simple texts and transform them into this elegant typeface using its awesome tool which is copy-paste function. This function not only saves you valuable time but also makes your text legible and easy to understand.

License Information

It is to notify you that the usage of this typeface is free only for personal purposes. However, if any one of you is interested to design your business-related projects utilizing this font then you are strictly advised to seek permission from the author or purchase the license of its premium version.

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