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Dosis font gives a simple feel and it is presented in a monoline Sans-Serif typeface family. This amazing font was created by Edgar Tolentino and Pablo Mpallari. This typeface can support 88 Latin languages: Czech, Polish, Marquesan, Greenlandic, Malagasy, Spanish, Turkmen, Uzbek, English, Dutch, Albanian, and so on. It is useful only at size 36pt or Upm.

Dosis belongs to a Unicode typeface family and it is supported by Latin Scripts and its divergent. Its letterforms depict the importance of a typeface and the arrangement of its strokes is extensively delicate. It was extended into an entire set of weights in 2011. However, its variable version was remastered in the year 2019.

Where Can I Utilize Dosis Font?

Dosis typeface can be utilized for giving headings, and titles, or it can be used for book covers. Due to its lightweight appearance and easy readability, it is perfect for long paragraphs.

On the other hand, you can also easily highlight the main parts of your text by using its Bold style. This elegant typeface can be optimized for designing logos as its well-crafted characters will give a fine impression to your brand.

Dosis Font Looks Like

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You can download its free version by clicking on the download brown button below, the font has many characters and styles that you will enjoy while using in your designs.

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People Mostly Ask!

How many weights does the Dosis typeface contain?

The Dosis typeface is comprised of 7 weights including regular, bold, medium, etc.

What font goes well with Dosis Font?

This unique typeface goes well with many Sans-Serif typefaces such as Robot Font or Montserrat Font.

What type of typeface is Dosis?

It is a round-shaped Sans-Serif typeface and it was remastered in September 2011.

Who created the Dosis typeface?

This splendid typeface was created by a well-known designer Pablo Impallari.

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