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This post is all about the famous typeface known as Dr. Seuss Font. Dr. Seuss, whose real name was Theodor Geisel, was a children’s author and illustrator known for his playful use of language and imaginative characters.

Dr. Seuss font is a Fancy typeface that was designed and published by one of the famous foundries TypeSETit. TypeSETit is a famous typeface foundry and the typefaces published and created by this foundry are used by top agencies and brands around the world.

This typeface is a very popular typeface, Its popularity began when Dr-Seuss used it in his famous book series known as “Century Schoolbook”. And since then many people started adopting this typeface in their design.

This font is highly used in children’s books. It has many similar fonts are available on this site such as fortune coin font. This typeface contains a number of around a hundred glyphs that include punctuation marks, an uppercase letter, lowercase letters, numerals, and more. And also this typeface has the support of many languages due to which this typeface is more commonly used.

Font Details

Name Dr. Seuss Font
Designer TypeSETit
Style Fancy
License Free for personal use

The Structure of Dr Seuss Font

dr seuss font Preview

Download Dr Seuss Font Free

  • File Type

    OTF | TTF

  • License


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You won’t regret downloading this beautiful typeface, which can be done easily by clicking on the provided button.

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Important and Efficient Uses of Dr. Seuss Font

This typeface is largely used in many areas of business. The motive behind its much use is the unique and playful touch that you add to your design when you make use of this font.

This typeface is considered very well-suited and also used in a high range of children’s books. Because this font contains special and interesting characters that grab children’s attention in the first go. And they like reading books written in this font.

This typeface is highly used for marketing purposes. It is widely used to create brochures, flyers, and posters. Using this typeface will help grab your customer’s attention in one go. You can also easily combine it with product sans font. It is also mostly used for headlines and titles. Its clean structure and unique characters make it clearly visible and easy to read that’s why It is well-considered to be used for headlines and titles.

This font has a clean texture which makes it viable to be used in app designs, game graphics, gaming interfaces, advertisements, branding, and many more.

FAQs for Dr Seuss Font!

Is Dr Seuss Font a free font?

It is free for personal use but in order to use this special font for your commercial projects you have to purchase its license.

What is the font used in Dr Seuss Font?

The font used in Dr Seuss font is ‘Century Font’ or ‘Century Schoolbook Font’. Dr Seuss who is known as the master of handwritten words utilized this in many of his books.

What font is similar to Dr Seuss Font?

There are many fonts that share similar characteristics with this font but speaking from personal experience and also many designers have considered ‘Doctor Soos Font’ and ‘Grinched Font’ to be the best alternatives to this font.

What kind of font is Dr Seuss Font?

This typeface is a fancy typeface that was designed and published by one of the famous foundries TypeSETit. It is a beautifully crafted font that is best for both personal and commercial projects.

Is Dr Seuss Font a Google font?

No, this font is not a Google font. As it doesn’t exist in the Google font library. The fonts that are not part of the Google font library are not Google fonts.

Where is the Dr Seuss font used?

This typeface is largely used in marketing for advertising purposes, branding, logo designing, cloth printing, official cards, ebook covers, and many more.

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