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Here we are going to introduce you to a high-rated typeface that comes with six different styles and weights. This typeface called Epitet Font was designed by renowned graphic designer Dusan Jelesijevic. Its name comes from a Greek word which means title or attribute. This font belongs to the elegant and modern Sans-serif typeface family, established in this century.

This fabulous typeface comes with both OpenType and TrueType features along with six different weights and numerous distinct variations in its styles. All these features make this font more suitable for digital designs. This typeface is easily distinguishable from others due to its large x-height, round shapes, and wide proportions.

Its unique glyphs and simple and consistent width between the strokes contribute to the good legibility of the typeface and make it recognizable. In short, this font is versatile and perfect for a range of designs and layouts. It includes both upper and lowercase letters with a refined and interesting character set, standard punctuation, monetary symbols, aesthetic alternates, and upgraded symbols.

Use of Epitet Font in Various Fields

This majestic typeface is loved by the industry of graphic designing for website interfaces and several other templates. You can use its bold style for titles and headings, impress viewers with its light style, and also use its regular or thin style for both text and display.

Epitet Font

If you are a graphic designer, you can create brilliant logo designs and employ this typeface for many other design purposes which include wedding cards, greeting cards, t-shirts, customized mugs, banners, promotional material, advertising, and marketing. This font can be easily uploaded to any editing software, such as MS Word and Adobe Photoshop.

You can easily access this typeface with the help of an online text generator tool or by downloading a zip file from our website. Doing just the copy-paste method you will get your results. If you are a software programmer you can also utilize it in all programming languages such as HTML and CSS.

Free Download of Epitet Font

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    OTF | TTF

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Download Now

Here we provided a zip file of Epitet Font, just click on the download button below and save it.

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License Info

This typeface is free for personal projects only. You can not use it on commercial projects. For this purpose, you need to buy its license first.

Font Details

Name Epitet Font
Designer Dusan Jelesijevic
Style Sans Serif
License Free for Personal Use

View of Epitet Font

Epitet Font

Exploring Similar Fonts to Epitet Font

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Epitet a Google Font?

Google did not add this font to its store but you can download it from our website and many other valuable places.

Who is the designer of the Epitet Typeface?

This typeface was designed by renowned graphic designer Dusan Jelesijevic. You can get further information about this designer on the Internet.

Is there any font closest to the Epitet font?

In terms of appearance, there are many fonts that are quite close to this typeface but Vice City Sans Font is very similar to it. You can also use Rabbid Highway Sign IV font in the absence of this font.

What type of font is the Epitet?

This font belongs to the elegant and modern Sans-serif typeface family, established in this century.

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