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A graphic designer is always in search of a reliable typeface suitable for the projects he designs. Aiming at this point, I’m going to present a trendy and modern typeface that belongs to the Sans-Serif typeface family naned Eurostile Font.

It contains many amazing features named Eurostile Font. This is a primitive typeface as it was developed in 1962 by a well-known designer Aldo Novarese.

It is based on a clean and clear structure and its letters are slightly rounded from the end which makes it legible and readable.

It is based on two-weight font: Regular and Narrow along with 19 different styles. It is the first font digitized with Fontographer software. The designer used the stylus or metal punch to craft its letters and its letter styling depicts the reminiscent era.

The Characters Structure of Eurostile Font

Eurostile Font Preview

Way to Achieve Eurostile Font

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Some Important Ways to Use Eurostile Font?

Although it can be utilized for various purposes but, it was designed mainly for advertising, signage, headlines, and display text.

As it is readable even in smaller sizes so, it can be utilized for body texts. It can go very well with short and long paragraph writing, cover letter or cv writing, or for office documentation as well.

Due to its lack of ambiguity and simplicity, it is used for the logo of various brands such as HBO, General Electric, Chase Bank, and more.

In the earlier 20th century, this font was frequently used for movie covers, titles, texts, etc. due to its versatility, this font has the ability to adjust anywhere.

Questions and Answers!

What is the type of Eurostile font?

This is a Geometric Sans-Serif typeface designed by Aldo Novarese in 1962. This font is based on a science fiction theme.

Is there any similar font to the Eurostile font?

The Michroma font equips quite similar features as compared to this font. the lettering of both fonts are similar to some extent and also provides an easy-to-read function.

Is Eurostile font a free font?

It is free only for personal use. Otherwise, you are required to purchase its license or seek permission before optimizing it in business projects.

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