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The emergence of graphic designers is bliss in the fonts industry and all typographers and graphic designers put their maximum effort to design multiple fonts by keeping in mind the appearance of various projects. Facon Font is also one of the accomplishments of typographers who struggled a lot to develop such a complicated typeface.

This astonishing typeface belongs to the Display typeface family and is a remarkable innovation of the famous graphic designer Alejo Bergmann. This typeface depicts a bold text structure along with a high x-height and wide opening. It was developed in 2009 on a single weight that is Regular.

A complete character set is provided with this font along with the support of more than 200 languages. Its character set includes many ligatures, stylistic alternates, and a beautiful set of glyphs including numerals, upper and lowercase letters, and symbols. The letter structure of this typeface is quite unique as compared to other fonts in the sense that its letters contain curvy strokes rather than straight lines which gives an impressive look to your designs.

Facon Font

Utilization of Facon Font

Due to its distinct text structure and curvy strokes, it can be used to create unique and dynamic patterns. Its curvy strokes give a playful and clumsy touch when used for inserting titles or subtitles in a movie, drama, or animated movie. It can be employed in homeware projects to give a whimsical touch when used to create murals, wallpapers, home décor items, or to make patterns for tiles and marbles for floors.

Moreover, many fashion designers also prefer to use this exceptional typeface to design dresses, T-shirts, or any other type of clothes to give a cool and funky touch to their products. It is appropriate for headings and body text purposes as well so, you can either generate headlines for newspapers or it can be optimized to generate texts for articles, resumes, quotations, presentations; so on and so forth.

In short, Facon font is a very useful typeface and each character of it adds a personality to your projects and makes them stand out.

Facon Font

Facon Font Family

Facon Font is presented with a Regular single family.

  • Facon Font Regular

Pairing With Facon Font

There are some fonts that make a perfect combination with Facon Typeface are listed below:

  • Looney Tunes Font: It beholds a condensed text structure and depicts a unique style typeface that goes well with the Facon Font.
  • Satisfy Font: it’s a decorative typeface and its elegant hand-written style makes a perfect combination with Facon font.

How To Get Facon Font

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    OTF | TTF

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Download Now

The link to its free version is available on our website. You just have to click that link to obtain your favorite font and enjoy using it in your personal projects. The link provided on our website is completely secured and bugs free.

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