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Friends Font is designed by Gabriel Weiss it is a nice script style. It is typically used for logotypes and graphic designs. This typeface has a beautiful structure and is frequently used for headings. It is a versatile typeface that works well for all kinds of designs.

You can achieve a really amazing look by combining this massive typeface with any other text style, to create eye-catching images. This kind of typeface works well with the rough, dark vibe.

style is a contemporary, premium typeface that is a member of the script font family. It was made by, a well-known typography company. It is famous tv series in which the font has been made.

There are 94 characters in this wonderful design, including capital and lowercase letters, numerals, punctuation, and two special characters. It works well with more formal calligraphy designs. It has some really fascinating characteristics.

Ways to Use Friends Font in Different Fields

The typeface can be used for a range of tasks, such as product names, and company names. The font is also perfect for graphics, website layouts, blog styles, and a variety of other patterns.

The fonts have been widely used for display and advertising purposes. For personal use, it is free. It is excellent for cards, banners, birthday cards, and many other things.


This typeface is appropriate for elegant letters and gives them a sharp look. This unique font can be used for a variety of challenging preparations, including remarkable caps, beautiful glyphs, great blurbs, billboards, games, and many other things.

This typeface’s characters highlight a particular design that demonstrates their skill after using it in a professional setting.

How To Get Friends Font Freely

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    OTF | TTF

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Download Now

If you like this font and want to get it for your designs, get a zip file by clicking the below-mentioned download button. After downloading open the zip file and install it on your computer.

Download Font for PC/MAC

Few FAQs!

What type of Friends font is?

It is a script font and has amazing features and its free for personal use only.

Is Friends a Google Font?

The lettering style is a great typeface and it is good for writing projects. Remember it is not a google font.

Who designed the Friends Font?

This attractive typeface has been designed by Gabriel Weiss.

Is Friends a paid typeface?

The typeface is free for personal projects. But when you want to use it for a commercial purpose then you have to buy its license.

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