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Futura font is a famous sans-serif typeface designed by the famous german typeface designer Paul Renner alongside two more American typeface designers Edwin W Shaar and Tommy Thompson.

Paul Renner started working on this typeface in 1924 and it was finally released by the Bauersche Gießerei foundry three years later in 1927.

This font was marketed as “The Font of our Time” and “The Font of the Future” by the Bauersche Gießerei foundry. And soon after its release, it got very successful and capture more than enough typeface market.

This font is no doubt one of the most good-looking and appealing fonts. Its clean lines and modern look always endorse your project design and make it appealing and eye-catching.

Futura is always considered well-suited for digital projects since 1927. Its clean look and supreme readability are always admired by both designers and readers.

This font is used as the official font of the two universally famous german auto-mobiles brands Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen. Mercedez Benz a universally popular auto-mobile brand whose luxurious cars are famous worldwide uses Futura font in their brand designs, logos, etc.

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Usage and View of Futura Font

Many globally famous brands use Futura font as their official font or use this font in their designs, brand logos, ad campaigns, or for many other purposes. Nike the famous multi-national footwear, apparel, and equipment manufacturer uses Futura font in their designs, brand logos, posters, etc.

Cisco another famous multi-national American corporation based on multinational digital communications technology also uses Futura font for different purposes.

Gillette which is a famous American brand for safety razors, and Omega which is a luxurious swiss watchmaker use the Futura typeface as their branding typeface.

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Paypal which is an American multinational financial technology company also uses Futura font for their brand styling, logos, advertising, and other purposes. Paypal is used Internationally for money transferring across different countries.

Jenny Holzer was a famous American feminist artist. She was famous for her popular art including Living Series in 1981, Xenon for Bregenz 2004  and Presently in the United States 2014, and many more. She frequently used Futura font in her work.

Barbara Kruger is a famous American conceptual artist who is well-known for challenging cultural assumptions by manipulating images and text in her photographic compositions. She used this font more frequently in her work.

Designer FAQs!

Which companies use Futura?

As mentioned in the license, this font is free to use for personal use but you cannot use it for commercial purposes unless you haven’t bought the license.

Who created the Futura font?

This font was created by a german geometric typeface designer Paul Renner along with two American typeface designers Edwin W. Shaar and Tommy Thompson. This font was released in 1927 by Bauer Type a famous typeface foundry.

Is Futura good for reading?

It is good for reading but was not designed for reading. Its clean lines and unique characters make it easier to read even from some distance.

Can I use Futura in a logo?

If you want to use a font in the logo, there are always many options for you depending on your niche. Among all those options this font is also an option that you can use in your logo to make your logo more attractive and appealing.

Is Futura a Free Font?

The full name of this font is Futura Font Lt, The Lt stand for the corporation that owns this font which is Linotype. And any font that is licensed under a corporation that is not free to use for commercial purposes. Although you will find the free version on some sites you cannot use it commercially unless you haven’t bought the license.

Is Futura a good font?

Yes, It is considered to be the font of time and also the font of the future. It is very popular and highly used for graphic designing purposes such as in logo, brochures, posters etc.

Is Futura hard to read?

No, It is not hard to read. Its clean and thin characters make it very easy to read. But this font was not developed for reading purposes.

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