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As we know that typefaces are the main components of any design and all the text structure depends on it. In this situation, the right selection of typeface very matters. Introducing you to an elegant sans serif typeface known as Gihun Font.

This font was designed by Syaf Rizal and published by its own studio Khurasan. It is one of the clean and modern fonts that belong to sans serif typefaces. It can easily be compared to an incredibly large set of projects.

This lavish typeface comes in one style only with a unique set of glyphs including upper and lowercase letters, numerals, symbols and along with stylistic ligature and beautiful alternates. Using it in your creative ideas makes them stand out.

Evolution and Importance of Gihun Font

Gihun typeface was designed with both aesthetic and readability appeal in mind. The clean look and simple shapes of the letters whether uppercase or lowercase, make it easy to read. The font has a touch of personality to it, thanks to its slightly condensed letterforms, without compromising its legibility.

Gihun Font Gihun Font Gihun Font

This typeface can be easily accessed on various types of applications such as MS Word, Canva, and Adobe Photoshop and programming languages including HTML and CSS which enable the designers to utilize it for various types of projects.

It can also facilitate an online generator tool that allows users to convert the desired context to any typeface. You just need to do a copy-paste method for this purpose. All these features and aspects increase the demand among designers.

Download Gihun Font Free

  • File Type

    OTF | TTF

  • License

    Free Version

Download Now

Hit the download button below to download a zip file of Gihun Font for free.

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Exploring Similar Fonts to Gihun Font

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  • Breda Regular Font
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Font Details

Name Gihun Font
Designer Khurasan
Style Sans-Serif
License Free Version

Gihun Font Combination Suggestions

Taking in mind the aspect of font pairing, it is very important to select the right typeface which gives a better look to your projects. As this is an era of modern sans serif typefaces so, Futura Font is an excellent option for combination and to give distinction to your projects.

Gihun Font License

This typeface has no limitations and can be used for both personal and commercial projects. You don’t need to pay anything, it is completely free for all users.


How do I add Gihun Font to Ms Word?

Go to the download section on this article and download it into your PC. After installation, this typeface will automatically be visible to Ms Word.

Is Gihun a paid Font?

It is not a paid font. Everyone can get access to it at no cost. You just need to download a correct zip file that is available on our website.

Can I use the Gihun typeface in a logo?

Yes, as it is available free for both personal and commercial projects you can use it anywhere or in any logo design.

What type of font Gihun font is?

This font is one of the clean and modern fonts that belong to sans serif typefaces. It can easily be compared to an incredibly large set of projects.

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