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Today, we will talk about a trendy and versatile typeface that is known as Gilroy font. This is a Sans-Serif typeface and its futuristic elements give a unique and classic appearance to your projects. The most essential feature of this typeface is that it consists of 20-weights, unlike any other font along with ten uprights and identical italics. The most exclusive point is that you can use its 2 weights free of cost in any type of project, whether it is personal or commercial.

This mindblowing typeface was created by Radomir Tinkov; he developed the typeface with OpenType characteristics and each weight of this quirky typeface is supported by extended language support, ligatures, tabular figures, and more. It is considered the family figure of the Qanelas font because of the Geometric touch its serifs entail.

Some Common Uses and View of Gilroy Font

You must be wondering where to use this amazing font so, in this post, I’ll let you know the usage of this fabulous font. You have various options to utilize this font such as for Headlines in your assignments, presentations, articles, or  Newspapers.

Moreover, if you are intended to create an ethereal website design then you must go with this amazing typeface as it will provide an outstanding appearance to your website and will attract more and more people towards it. This unique font can also be utilized for other purposes like making murals for walls, wallpapers, wall hangings, invoices for products, and product descriptions.

Gilroy Font Preview

Font License

It provides free access for personal use only and it also freed two of its weights: Extra bold and Light. So, you can optimize these for both personal and commercial usage. However, you are required to purchase its premium version for commercial usage which includes the rest of the weights.

Download and Utilize Gilroy Font

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Commonly Asked Questions!

Is Gilroy font free for commercial use?

This typeface is provided with 20-weights and two of them are included in its free version which can be utilized for personal and commercial projects. Whereas you are required to buy its premium version for commercial-based projects.

Is Gilroy a good font?

This typeface goes well with any type of display project and graphic design as well as it also suits well with editorial and corporate designs. This font is considered the best font in typography because of its futuristic features.

Who created the Gilroy font?

This exceptional typeface is created by Radomir Tinkov and each letter of this typeface contains a geometric contact. It is considered a Geometric Sans-serif typeface and is supported by ligatures, fractional digits, and many languages.

 Is there any generator tool provided with the Gilroy font?

It is supported by an online generator tool that helps the users to utilize its copy-paste function and transform their simple texts into stunning graphic designs.

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