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In 2019, a famous designer Situjah Nazara developed a Sans-Serif typeface and named it Gobold Font. This stylish font was remodified and updated again on Jan 31, 2020. The font was noticed by the designers shortly after its development because of the boldness of its character own and its smooth and clear texture.

The legibility of this font is reflected by the appearance of its texts. This splendid typeface is comprised of both upper and lowercase alphabets, numerals, and some special characters. The most phenomenal element of this typeface is that its family includes approximately 28 different styles and each style can change the outlook of your design.

Gobold Font Image Preview

Gobold Font Preview

Few Uses of Gobold Font

Gobold typeface is excellent for projects where clarity, charm, and boldness are basic requirements. For instance, it gives amazing results when used for  T.v Commercials, product branding, road and store signage, and campaign billboards.

This outstanding typeface can also be utilized for logo brands, product labeling, game graphics, postcard printing, quotation, and certificate writing, and much more.

Gobold Font Free of Cost

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Download Now

Click on the below “Download Now” button to download its free version for personal use. You can download its paid version with extra features from various websites.

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People Ask about Gobold Font!

What type of font is Gobold?

This stunning font belongs to a Sans-Serif typeface family and is comprised of 28-weights.

Is Gobold typeface free for personal use?

Yes, it offers a completely free package to utilize in your personal projects.

Who manufactured the Gobold typeface?

This fantastic and smooth typeface is developed by Tisujah Nazara in 2019 and it was remodified in 2020.

Does Gobold Font produce impeccable results when used for Tv Commercials?

This quirky typeface shows marvelous results when it is employed for Tv commercials or for branding of any product. That’s why it has a growing market value.

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