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Ikaros font is a wonderful typeface that I am introducing to you. The brilliant designer Matt Ellis created this modern, elegant sans-serif typeface as his finest work. The font is available in regular and bold weights to accommodate various design requirements. Perfect for logos, headers, and branding materials since it helps create a clear and uncomplicated design.

With its good character spacing, this adaptable typeface ensures outstanding legibility and simple usability. With its clear and distinct letterforms, it maintains clarity throughout a wide range of design tasks, from print to digital and web applications.

Ikaros Font Usage Ideas

Because of its modern character set, it can be customized for a wide range of application designs and leaves a lasting impression when used for both digital and print publications.

The Ikaros font embraces modernism and elegance and fits in perfectly with current design ideas. Even when employed in lesser font sizes, its outstanding legibility is a result of its clean lines and simple shapes. The font’s adaptability is increased by its simplicity, making it an essential choice for designers looking for a classy and refined appearance.

It looks amazing when used for formal documentation demands like invoices, data entry, PowerPoint presentations, and other official requirements, which is the most crucial aspect of this typeface.

Ikaros Font

Fonts Similar to Ikaros Font

There are a number of fonts that can be used in place of Ikaros, which are as follow:

  • Outfit
  • Kollektif
  • Urbanist
  • Luam
  • Josefin Sans
  • Glacial Indifference
  • Orkney

These typefaces display characteristics that are similar to those of Ikaros, such as a modern, minimalist style, sharp edges, and outstanding readability. Despite this, they each have unique traits and characteristics that make them stand apart.

Ikaros Font Free Download

You can download the free version of this exquisite typeface by simply clicking on the download link provided below. This link is completely safe and secure so do not hesitate to download it and include it in your fonts library.

  • File Type

    OTF | TTF

  • License


Download Now

Click on the download button below to access this font, which is available in both OTF and TTF features.

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Ikaros Font License Information

This fascinating typeface is presented in two versions: The free version and the Premium version. Its free version can be accessed for personal initiatives only. On the other hand, you can utilize its premium version for business-related projects after purchasing its license or seeking permission from the author.


This article is purposefully jotted down to provide information regarding Ikaros font. This splendid typeface belongs to the Sans serif typeface family and beholds an elegant set of various characters including ligatures, swashes, and several other glyphs. The projects designed with this classy typeface mesmerize the viewers.

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