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Hey Folks!!! Are you ready to explore a new font that has quite appealable features? Presenting an impeccable typeface that necessitates the demand of every project. It’s none other than the Keep On Truckin font and is devised by a famous designer Roger Landis and it was released by Braineaters Font company.

The designer took its inspiration from the theme of trucks and the texts imprinted on trucks and other large vehicles. This funky typeface entails an absurd, terrific, and humorous impact while its bubbly lettering style includes a large x-height, hefty text structure, and its serifs are a little bit irregular.

It was developed in the 1970s and its letters and numbers are of the block-square shape. The letter structure is comprised of numbers, punctuation, upper and lowercase alphabets, and symbols. The projects designed with this typeface exhibit an effect of toughness that is a premium choice of many designers.

Where To Use Keep On Truckin Font?

We can suggest several techniques and ways to utilize this amazing typeface. It was initially used for imprinting texts on trucks so it is adorned by the transportation industries. It can be adapted to create bold and loud statements.

Moreover, it can be used to generate headings, titles, quotations, or to create magazine headers and footers as this typeface will quickly grab the attention of viewers. Many types of posters, trademarks, banners, and brochures can be designed using this pleasant typeface.

Last, but not least, many designers give preference to this font because of its lettering format which is resembled the old reminiscent era, and its influential tone depicting its projects. It can also be optimized to create stickers for vehicles or to imprint text on T-shirts, and coffee or tea mugs. Here have a look at the characters of this font that we have assembled in an image.

Keep On Truckin Font

How To Download Keep On Truckin Font?

You can get your hands on this exceptionally stunning typeface and bring it to your personal use as much as you want while its premium usage is prohibited without purchase or permission.

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    OTF | TTF

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Download Now

By clicking on the download button below, you can obtain this font from our website, which offers various features, functions, and applications.

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Alternatives Of Keep On Truckin Font

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  • TT Norms Font
  • Melted_DL Font
  • Harry Potter Font
  • Towering Font
  • Hip Pocket Italic Font
  • VI Thuy Tien Hoa Font

Keep On Truckin Font Generator

A generator tool is also provided with this typeface that allows its users to convert simple texts into this awesome typeface using its copy-paste function. This function has two characteristics: it saves your time and makes your lettering legible and easy to understand.


To cut a story short, this superb yet classy typeface became a major requirement of many big-bang projects and gives a new look to your designs. The trucks, trollers, ships, and other large vehicles made the best use of this typeface and the designer also took inspiration from the lettering etched on trucks.

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