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Interpolation Of Loki Font

Today, I’m gonna let you know about very interesting typefaces that were employed to design the logo of a famous Tv show named, “Loki” which is released by Marvel Studio and directed by Micheal Waldron for an online streaming channel Disney Plus. The most astounding feature of this logo is that four typefaces were deployed to design each character of Loki and the logo is designed very carefully.

Terminator Real Font is used to design the letter “L”, “O” is designed with the Coister Black font, the designer has designed its “K” letter using ARB 85 Poster font and its “I” letter is also developed with Cloister Black font.

This scenario has never happened with any other logo design as it is an incredible feature of this logo. Although the designer has made some customization while designing the logo of the famous Tv series. As a matter of fact, all the typefaces involved to design this logo have belonged to distinct categories or typeface families. The typefaces belong to Sans-Serif, Script, and Gothic typeface families respectively.

Loki Font

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A free version of the font is available here. To download the free version click the below mention button. But if you want to use this font commercially you should buy the full version.

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Fonts Similar To Loki Font

Several fonts equip similar features or characteristics as a Loki font. Some of them are listed below:

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Usage Ideas Of Loki Font

In this section, I’ll provide you with some useful ideas on how you can apply this logotype font. you can use it to create darker or less illuminated titles such as comic books or video games. It consists of only uppercase letters so, it is best for heading purposes, banner designs, emblems design; so on and so forth.

Furthermore, being a fashion designer, if you are intended to design a T-shirt or any other type of clothing material then you must use this stunning typeface and it will surely make your designs stand out. After the screening of the “Loki” season, many directors appreciated this font and also utilized it in their upcoming projects. You can give a sensational effect to your websites or gaming interfaces using this fabulous font.

Characters Display of Loki Font

Loki Font

Designer Information Of Loki Font

This logo is designed by several designers; in other words, various typefaces have been used to design this exquisite logo. Terminator Real font is the creation of NFI ( Norfok Incredible Font) foundry, Cloister Black font is designed by Dieter Steffmann, and ARB 85 Poster Script font is authorized by Fontry.

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