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We’ve discussed many Sans-Serif typefaces but the typeface which we are going to interpolate today is a beautifully designed font that exhibits its style as a Calligraphy typeface named Lora Font. The characters of this font are comprised of brushed curves which equip a moderate touch in its designs.

This Open-Source typeface is beautifully crafted by Olga Karpushina and Alexie Vanyashin and is publicized by Google web fonts and Cyreal. The typographic style of this contemporary typeface humourized and patterned a layout of a story or an essay depicting art and craft.

An online generator tool is also provided with this sensational typeface which enables you to transform your simple and casual texts into this outstanding typeface or to generate any design or text in this font by using its copy-paste function. This function is legible, time savvy, and easy to understand.

Where We Can Use Lora Font?

This exceptional typeface occupies a delicate style that can be used to create tenacious and connected images. Moreover, its lettering style is slender and slim which is perfect for book covers in terms of poetic, literary, and fictional material.

Its versatility is not limited to book covers only instead, it can be optimized for giving headings and sub-headings for magazines, or to give captions to different sorts of novels. In addition to this, it conveys a message of sophistication and decency which is best for creating invitation cards for formal occasions like anniversaries, weddings, or graduation ceremonies.

Last but not least, the lettering style of this typeface is quite legible and goes perfectly for creating incredible social media posts, banners, and poster layouts, or using it for advertising purposes as it gives an appealing look when used on billboards. In short, the utilization of this font transforms the overall look of the projects and creates an elegant and everlasting impression.

Lora Font

Lora Font: Download and Install for Free

Now, it’s a piece of cake to get your hand on this splendid typeface by just clicking on the download link given on our website. The link provided to you is safe and secure as well as bugs-free. So, do not hesitate to download it on your PC, Mac Book, or other Android devices.

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    OTF | TTF

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Download Now

To acquire this high-quality typeface, simply click on the download button below. However, please note that the file is only available for commerciak use.

Download Font for PC/MAC

Family of Lora Font

The Lora font family belongs to an expanded typographical cluster which is composed of many distinguished weights and styles and each style depicts its own unique feature and aesthetic attributes. This typeface is constructed on 4 basic weights along with each sub-weight which are mentioned below:

  • Lora Regular
  • Lora Italic
  • Lora Bold
  • Lora Medium
  • Lora Medium Italic
  • Lora Semi-Bold
  • Lora Semi-Bold Italic
  • Lora Bold Italic 

Fonts Pairing With Lora Font

This high-contrast typeface can create fabulous projects when combinedly used with the fonts mentioned below:

  • Open Sans Font: The Lora and Open Sans fonts when combined produce a blend of traditional and modernity.
  • Raleway Font: It intensifies the appearance of the Lora font and provides a more aesthetic look to a project designed using both of these fonts.
  • Lato Font: both Lato and Lora create well-balanced and harmonious designs.
  • Playfair Display Font: It is used to convey a bold yet drastic display image of a design.

License Information

This exquisite typeface is a part of Google Fonts and is presented with an Open-Source license which clearly indicates that its usage is completely free for any kind of project; whether personal, commercial, digital, or official.

FAQs of Lora Font

What is Lora Font?

It is an amazing Sans Serif font that also has roots in Calligraphy. The italics weight in it resembles a lot of calligraphic typography.

Is Lora a Free Font?

It has been placed under the Open font license. Which means it is free of cost font. You can use it in your personal designs as well as commercial designs.

Is Lora a Web Font?

This font is good for body texts and also for long paragraphs. It is a highly readable font that is best suited for web designs.

What Sans Serif Font goes with Lora?

Many fonts in the Sans Serif fonts can make great pair with this font. But as per our research, Source Sans Pro Font is good to pair with this font.

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