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Hey Guys!!! Welcome back to a new and sensational post. I’m going to let you know about a mesmerizing typeface that contains many elegant features. The Magical font belongs to a Calligraphy typeface family and displays a sophisticated look.

This exquisite typeface possesses a stylish and elegant look along with a contemporary yet original design. This attractive font family is impeccably devised by a prominent typeface designer, Zeenesia. This typeface is diligently created to ensure its premium quality and luxurious feel. The designer took inspiration for its design from a well-known trademark.

It is composed of various characteristics including multilingual character support, and a magical set of ligatures and it also equips a unique set of glyphs comprising numerals, symbols, punctuations, and both upper and lowercase letters. An online generator tool is also provided with this stylish typeface which enables users to make their designs contemporary and elegant using its copy-paste function.

Usage of Magical Font

Advertising, web designing, print media, and digital media are a few contexts where this exceptional typeface is frequently adapted. This is a multifaceted typeface that can be employed for different tasking depending upon the nature of the context.

Magical Font

In addition to this, with the help of this typeface, you are able to create beautiful artwork and illustrations due to the calligraphic touch and its letter structure behold. Though, it’s quite a challenging task to read the text in small sizes because of the slender strokes of the letters and its modest height.

Moreover, the best feature of this impressive typeface is that it can be uploaded to any editing software like Canva, Photoshop, or Microsoft Word. It gives an awe-inspiring look to your projects and designs.

Download and Install Magical Font for Free

Now, it’s not a big deal to download this fantastic typeface as the download link for this font is available on our website and you just have to click the button provided to you. This link is completely safe and secure.

  • File Type

    OTF | TTF

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Download Now

Click on the download button below to obtain this top-quality typeface. Keep in mind that the file is intended for personal use only and is completely free.

Download Font for PC/MAC

Pairing Font Suggestions to the Magical Font

In terms of qualities and traits, this fabulous typeface possesses, many typefaces that are closest to this futuristic typeface. The list of those fonts is mentioned below:

  • Little Bird Script Font
  • Camsay Script Font
  • Germany Calligraphy Font
  • Holland Font
  • Let Town Hills Script Font

License Info

This font can only be accessed freely for private projects and if you want to utilize it for official or commercial projects then you are strictly recommended to purchase its license or seek permission from the author.


It is to be concluded that this mind-blowing typeface has many extraordinary characteristics which make it contemporary for many designs and it became an ultimate choice for designers. It gives a magical effect to the illustrations and designs knocked off with this typeface.

Hope you find this article informative and interesting; although if you have any suggestions regarding this post then do let us know by writing them down in the comment box. Don’t forget that your opinion and suggestions matter to us a lot.

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