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Hey folks!!! If you’ve watched the famous Disney animated movie: “Moana” then you must be curious to know more about its cinematography, graphic designs, and most of all, its logo design.

The Moana Font was first used in the logo of the Moana Movie. This was a 3-D movie and it was good in all aspects that’s why it captured the attention of the audience of all age groups.

Moana font is designed specifically for the Disney Studio but later on, its been widely used for other purposes as well.

This funky and elegant typeface was designed by the notable designer Joanna Vu and got the attention of designers in very less time. It’s a Fancy typeface and this decorative font is presented with 4 weights and is comprised of only uppercase letters and some punctuation marks.

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Few Places Where Moana Font is Commonly Used

I know! You must be wondering where to use this adorable typeface. Let me tell you about its uses which are not limited to any extent or any age group.

First, we’ll talk about its usage related to children’s stuff. This quirky and attractive typeface depicts mindblowing results when used as text printing on child’s T-shirts, bag-packs, stationery items, kid’s gaming interfaces, logo designs for animated movies and kid’s YouTube channel thumbnails.

Access to this cute font is not limited to children only instead, it can be used to give eye-catching headings or to make outstanding brochure layouts.

Designers prefer to use this font to give an aesthetic touch to their creations. For instance, to create sensational logos for travel agencies, and hotels, or to design logos for various clothing brands.

Moreover, you can create stunning poster designs, emblems, eye-catchy Instagram or Facebook posts, attractive and elegant book and magazine covers, PowerPoint presentations, Email marketing templates, web page designs, museum exhibitions, tradeshow displays, annual reports; so on and so forth.

Moana Font Structure

Moana Font Preview

FAQs by Creator!

What is the Moana font called?

This cute and stylish font is the creation of Joanna Vu and it was designed for the logo of the famous animated movie, “Moana” which was released by Disney Motion Studio in 2016. it was loved by the audience because of the 3D effects.

What type of typeface is Moana?

The Moana is a Fancy typeface and it comes from a 4-weight family comprising only uppercase letters and some punctuation marks.

Which font is closest to Moana’s font?

Though there are many similar fonts to the Moana font but, ‘’The Alice in Wonderland” font is closest to the Moana font as it owns many similar features and depicts amazing results.

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