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Moon font is a futuristic typeface with strong, rounded letterforms and a distinctive geometric cutting. This font has a pleasant, approachable appearance thanks to its broad, curved characters.

The typeface has a distinctive geometric cut-out running through the centre of each letter, which gives it a decidedly modern vibe. The all-caps style of this lovely typeface makes it ideal for headlines and titles.

Wide letter spacing gives this font a contemporary appearance and easier to read. Overall, it is a futuristic and humorous typeface that is ideal for usage in both digital and print projects, especially for headers and titles that must make a forceful statement.

Moon Font

Designer Information of Moon Font

Graphic designer Jack Harvatt is from Bristol, England. His work includes type design, art, and animation. In February 2015, Jack published his first font, Moon, which has now had over 1 million downloads. Companies like Google and the BBC have utilised it in publishing, branding, and film titles.

Moon Font Pairing

The Moon Font is a lovely and distinctive font that can be combined with other fonts to create a stunning effect. One such pairing is with the sans-serif Montserrat. For headings, captions, and body text, it has a crisp, contemporary, and minimalistic vibe.

In addition, Baskerville is a conventional serif font that provides the text a polished and attractive appearance. When used with this elegant typeface, it gives off a historic and contemporary vibe.

Moon Font

Additionally, Garamond, another traditional serif font, complements it well. Classic literature, poetry, or romantic books would all benefit from this pairing. Avenir, on the other hand, is a contemporary and elegant sans-serif typeface that complements the Moon Font beautifully.

How to Download in Moon Font?

You can download this humorous typeface by clicking on the download button which is provided on our website. Once, it’s downloaded you will get access to private projects.

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    OTF | TTF

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Download Now

Clicking on the download button below will give you access to this premium typeface. Remember, though, that the file is only meant for personal use and comes at no cost.

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License Information

This typeface can only be used for private projects. However, if you are interested to utilize its premium version then you are recommended to purchase its license or seek permission from the author.


The information provided to you through this article is all about the features and attributes of the Moon font which is a modern typeface comprising grotesque serifs. It provides a minimalistic approach to your projects.

Although, if you want to give suggestions regarding this post then you are welcome to share your opinions with us. You can leave your comment or feedback in the comment section. Your feedback will be highly appreciated.

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