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Introducing a new Calligraphy typeface named Muthiara font which is popular for its style and features it owns. This auspicious typeface is the great creation of the famous Abo Daniel Studio and is admired by users to a great extent. It holds almost all the features a designer wishes for. Therefore, it has been recognized in a very less amount of time.

Let’s discuss some extraordinary features of this exceptional typeface. Its letters are drawn in a wide-lensed format and it equips a large x-height; the combination of these two aspects makes your text readable even in small sizes and the outrageous strokes of its letters provide durability to your text format.

Moreover, this unique and trendy typeface is only built on a single weight but keeps around 200 glyphs along with many stylistic alternates and swashes. It also includes a lowercase letter set, numbers and a few symbols and its bold lettering makes your projects stand out amongst other projects or creations.

Uses of Muthiara Font in Multiple Places

Being a designer, your ultimate wish is to create inimitable and perfect designs in order to recognize your work in the eyes of people. For this reason, you are required to select an outstanding typeface that goes perfectly and exclusively with your designs. Now, let’s move towards the usage of this typeface.

If you are planning to write an article, or passage or you are confused about what to use for the headlines of a newspaper; cheer up folks as your problem is solved. You must opt for this lofty typeface as it’s perfect to give bold vision to your headings or headlines.

Muthiara Font Preview

Moreover, the bold version of this font enables you to utilize it for several other purposes as well like, creating elegant posters, brochures, flyers, leaflets, greeting or business cards, wedding invitation cards, logo designs and graphic designs. Besides this, you can also generate texts in Microsoft Word using this stunning typeface.

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People Mostly Ask!

Is Muthiara a calligraphy font?

Yes, this is an elegant Calligraphy typeface and the high contrast of its strokes makes it visible among other fonts. It comprises more than 200 glyphs along with some stylistic alternates, upper and lowercase letters, numerals and some special indents.

Is Muthiara a good font for website designs?

Yes, due to the clear lens of its letters, it goes well with website designs and provides impeccable results to your websites.

Who is the creator of the Muthiara font?

This delicate and decent typeface is the master creation of the notable designer Abo Daniel Studio who crafted each of its letters with proper consideration and tried his level best to give a triumph to his audience.

What font is closest to the Muthiara font?

There are several fonts that are close to the Muthiara font but the features of the Halimun font pretty much resemble this amazing typeface as the Halimun typeface also provides a sleek but legible text structure.

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