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Today’s post is all about the classic and old styling famous font commonly known as Myanmar Font. This font was designed by the famous typeface designer John Hudson.

This font was released with two styles & weights known as Myanmar Text and Myanmar Text Bold. The vendor of this font is the well-known Microsoft Corporation and also it is licensed under the Microsoft Corporation.

This typeface has got classic designed characters. Many designers consider it well-suited for designs that are willing to display a traditional or vintage look. Or for the designs that want to demonstrate their legacy in their design.

This typeface is well-suited for the designs in which you want to embed some historic and classic materials. It is widely used for many classic designs, such as banners, posters, Cover pages and many more.

Myanmar Font Available for Free Download

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    OTF | TTF

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This gorgeous typeface is best for many designs so you will have to download it by clicking on the given button.

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Multiple Uses of Myanmar Font

This typeface is well-suited for Banners, posters, and Book Covers. It has very pleasing and attractive bold characters which make it suitable for headlines and titles.

Myanmar Font Preview

Other than that this font has a family known as Myanmar Regular font family. This family character is short and legible. Which are considered well-suited for short paragraphs, quotations, small texts, descriptions, and many more.

This is the best typeface to use when you want to demonstrate a classic brand or any ancient brand or logo. You will more often find brands that are from ancient times or from the early 19 century and they do not want to have a modern design but want to demonstrate their legacy in their logos or posters banners etc.

So at that time, this font is the best choice for you to use to demonstrate the vintage, to demonstrate that this brand has a legacy and is from the early periods.

Similar fonts to Myanmar Font

  • Audrey Medium
  • Times Sans Serif
  • Decalotype Light
  • Fahkwang Medium
  • KurierMedium-Regular
  • IwonaMedium-Regular
  • Fahkwang Font

Font Details

Name Myanmar Font
Designer John Hudson
Style Sans-serif
License Free For Personal Use

Font Family

  • Myanmar Thin
  • Myanmar ExtraLight
  • Myanmar Light
  • Myanmar Regular
  • Myanmar Medium
  • Myanmar SemiBold
  • Myanmar Bold
  • Myanmar ExtraBold
  • Myanmar Black

Some FAQs You Must Need To Know!

Which font is Myanmar?

This is an attractive font with classic and stylish characters which is highly recommended and widely used in brand designs that want to display a legacy of their brand or want an attractive ancient and traditional flavor in their design. It was designed by John Hudson.

What’s the Closest Font to Myanmar?

Fahkwang Regular font is considered to be the closest to this font. However, there are many other fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman, and Audrey font that also offer many similar characteristics to this font.

Is Myanmar font safe to use and download on my PC?

Yes, It is completely free and safe to be downloaded and used on your PCs with any of the operating systems mentioned. It can be either Windows, Mac, Linus, IOS or android. It is free and safe for each one of them.

What is Myanmar Unicode font?

Padauk is the Myanmar Unicode font. Padauk has the capability of supporting all these font characters. And it also provides support for many minority languages as well.

Where can we use the Myanmar typeface?

This font can be used in a variety of places. It is well-considered for Headlines, Titles, and Cover Pages of the book and also due to its Regular font family you can use it in paragraphs, quotations, and descriptions. The best place where it is highly recommended by the designers is that use it in the designs where you want to embed a classic, and old style to your design.

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