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Nasa stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration. It was founded on October 1, 1958, by American President Dwight Eisenhower. It is considered a part of the United States government. Nasa deals with aeronautics and space-related operations. The font used in the logo of NASA named  Nasalization font was introduced in 1975 and lasted till 1992.

It was basically founded to inquire about the activities taking place in space and outside the Earth and it uses quite advanced technology. The logo was named, “Worm logo.” Later on, the font was converted into the “meatball” logo that was designed using Bambi font. but, the most interesting fact is that both logos are still in use by Nasa. The designer of this superb typeface is Gerard E. Bernor.

The font contains extremely legible characters that provide a clean, bold, and clear structure and its serifs are sleek but easy to understand.

Nasa Font

Its lettering style is inspired by American Gothic typeface design and it has a wide support of languages including Cyrillic, Latin, Greek, and German. Furthermore, the typeface also includes a fine set of glyphs that are comprised of numerals, symbols, and upper and lowercase alphabets. The letters of this typeface are widely open and placed distantly which provides a clear image of your project.

NASA Font Free Download

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Although the Nasa font is not available for official projects, still you can download this fantastic typeface from the link given on our website that is completely free but for personal use only.

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Application Of NASA Font

There are several projects and designs where you can apply this amazing typeface. for instance, due to its clean and clear look, it can be used to create signage, emblem designs, and logo designs for cars, clothing brands, or technology-related logos.

If you are searching for a typeface for the titling purpose of a sci-fi movie or a documentary related to the space world, then I’ll recommend this wonderful typeface which acquires many futuristic characteristics. You can even utilize this splendid typeface on many application software like Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Adobe Illustrator, etc.

Nasa Font

Moreover, if you are planning to celebrate a techno-related event then you must go with this font as it will give flawless results and make your event memorable.

This exceptional typeface can be optimized to give a modern and next-generation touch to your projects like space stations, science missions, or to carry out scientific operations. Last but not the least, the major success of the Bambi font is its application in Nasa and all the activities associated with it.

NASA Font Generator Tool

This font is provided with an online generator tool that assists the users to transform the whole text structure into this typeface using its copy-paste function. This function makes your taskings easy, and legible and also consumes a very less amount of time.

NASA Font Copyright Claim

The free version of this typeface is available on our website and can be used only for personal purposes. However, its copyrighted version is also available which you can only avail only after purchasing its license.

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