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If you are looking for a fancy and bold typeface for kids’ material, then take a look at this font named New Kids Font. This pretty font was designed by Bang Rusd and being in use since 2020. Its solid bold look inspired many designers and makes it more popular in the fonts world.

If we talk about its appearance, it is not so clean because of its letters’ boldness. It contains 192 glyphs including uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuations, and symbols. If someone loves a bold marker look of texture, then this typeface is a perfect choice.

Its special characters also have diligent and dynamic shapes that mostly attract kids that’s why it is named New Kids Font. Each letter that needs a circle in it, is replaced with a little triangle shape that makes it more awesome.

The Impact of New Kids Font

When you use this typeface in titles and heading it impacts the overall look of content. Using this font keep in mind the design of your project for better results. You can also use Muffin or Nino Font instead of it.

It is better to use this font for digital design instead of paperwork such as shirt designs, toys, video games, animation, filming, cartoon titles, Word, adobe photoshops, CSS, product packaging, and so on. As its name describe the purpose of its creation, it is easy to utilize this typeface.

New Kids

If you have any issue in downloading this typeface there is another option for you. You can visit the online font generator tool for this purpose. Write your desired text there and just copy and paste it where you want to use it.

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Detailed Information About New Kids Font

Name New Kids Font
Designer Bang Rusd
Style Fancy
License Free Version

Download New Kids Font

  • File Type

    OTF | TTF

  • License

    Free Version

Download Now

Click on the download button below to get a free zip file of the New Kids font.

Download Font for PC/MAC

Language Support for New Kids Font

Afrikaans, Albanian, Danish, Dutch, English, German, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, English (United States, Computer), Swedish, and Zulu.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Is there any advantage of using New Kids Typeface?

It depends on your work and how you utilize it. If you are looking for a bold and cartoony texture, then you can take a big advantage of this typeface.

What is an alternative to New Kids Font?

There are many typefaces that you can use as an alternative to this font but Muffin and Nino gave you better results.

Can I use the New Kids typeface for commercial projects?

Yes, it is 100% free for both personal and commercial projects. You don’t need to buy its license.

How much time its take to install the New Kids typeface on a PC?

It depends on your internet speed and the performance of your PC, otherwise, it does not take too much time to install.

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