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Let’s introduce a unique logo typeface known as Nirvana font. The font’s name originated from an American music band: The Nirvana Rock Band which was formed in 1987 in Washington DC. The letters of this font possess a crescent shape and thus depict a stylish look.

Its letters are meticulously designed and its structure shows adequate space between the letters. This logo or display typeface was designed by Giambattista Bodoni and I must say that he has done an amazing job after creating such a masterpiece.

It is presented with a single weight and includes 256 stunning characters and 255 unique glyphs. It includes both case letters, symbols, punctuation marks, and numerals.

Some More Famous Places Where Nirvana Font Mostly Used

If you are in search of a polished and perfect typeface for your upcoming projects then it is recommended to utilize this fantastic yet simple typeface.


Each of its characters is properly designed and can be optimized for a variety of purposes such as creating business cards, greeting cards, invitation cards, designing business logos, certificates, etc. this typeface is ideal for T-shirts and mug printing and also useable in clothing industries.

In short, this font is perfect for any kind of project. You can use this font for advertisements, social media posts, banners, and many other purposes.

Nirvana Font Free of Cost

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This classic and popular font is available here free of cost. To download this font please click on the “Download Now” button mentioned below.

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Questions About Nirvana Font!

Who designed Nirvana font?

The Nirvana typeface is designed by the notable designer Giambattista Bodoni in 1987 and the purpose behind the creation of this font is the logo of the American Nirvana Band. That’s why it falls in the category of the logo typeface family.

Why is Nirvana typeface so unique?

Nirvana typeface is unique because of its phenomenal appearance. It occupies a daring, unapologetic, and reckless look which makes it different from other fonts.

Is Nirvana typeface free for commercial purposes?

Yes, it offers you an entirely free package. Hence, it can be optimized for any sort of project.

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