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Usually, in the everyday life of a graphic designer, he has to be confronted with so many fonts to give a unique, inspiring, and eye-catchy look to their designs and patterns of various kinds. Nordic font falls in the category of the Ultra-modern Sans-Serif typeface family and it followed Scandinavian runes which contain a stylish geometric format.

This classical typeface is authored by Yana Bereziner who is a top-notch graphic designer and he has meticulously designed symbols that are familiar with the magic symbols used in the Viking era. Moreover, this majestic typeface belongs to a 3-weight family that is Regular, Light, and Bold; and each weight beholds a separate style.

This wonderful typeface is composed of a unique set of ligatures and glyphs that include numbers, punctuations along with upper and lowercase letters. It is comprised of two versions: one is used to support body texts and another is beneficial for large or lofty headlines and titling purposes. In short, this is a very cool and clumsy typeface.

Nordic Font

Nordic Font Usage

Guys, if you are in search of a decent-looking typeface to add personification to your poster designs, monograms, titles, or logo designs then this is the best choice to adopt as it will enhance the layout of your well-designed patterns.

Furthermore, it supports both pretty big and small textual formats so, it can be optimized for several writing purposes such as generating quotations, essays, articles, presentations, slogans of brands, a brief description and analysis of various products, or writing reviews of movies and dramas. Thus, this whimsical typeface applies to a great extent.

Nordic Font Free Download & Installation Guide

You can get access to the free version of this font from our website and for that purpose, you only have to click the download option given on our website. So, do not hesitate to download it as the link provided here is bugs-free and secured.

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Download Now

To get hold of this superb typeface, just click on the download button below. Just a reminder, the file is free of charge and is only available for personal use.

Download Font for PC/MAC

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License of Nordic Font

It is to notify you that the Nordic font is only accessible for personal use and if anyone is interested to use its premium version then he/she shall buy the license of its premium version for its utilization in commercial/ office-based projects.

Final Thoughts

In general, it can be said that this exceptionally good typeface is a foremost choice of many graphic designers because of its unique and ultra-modern lettering style and the geometric shape of its serifs which give a pleasant and impeccable look to the pattern designed with this typeface.

I hope that this information is helpful and useful for you and if you have any queries regarding this content, then feel free to contact us by leaving a comment in the comment section. Or, you can also give your suggestions as your valuable opinion matters to us.

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