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Before introducing this typeface, let me tell you about what is actually meant by a dyslexic. Dyslexia is basically a learning disability and a neurocognitive disease typically found in children. Children with disability are confused with mirror letters (b,d, and p,q) and numbers (6 or 9) so, they always mix up these letters. Open Dyslexic font is, therefore, designed for people having this disability to bring ease to them in the reading process.

This typeface belongs to a Sans-Serif typeface family and the edges of its mirror letters are slightly bold which enables people or children to easily recognize the alphabet.  The idea of designing this exceptional typeface is coined by Abbie Gonzales as he figured out this difficulty among people and provided the best solution.

Let’s highlight some of its basic features. This awesome typeface is a member of a 5-weight family and its character set is comprised of both upper and lowercase alphabets, numerals, punctuations, and symbols. This typeface is developed under an Open-Source license and enables users to utilize it free of cost for personal as well as commercial usage.

Use of Open Dyslexic Font for Logo Design

Due to its easy-to-read function, this human-friendly typeface can be utilized for lots of purposes such as educational, official, political, or technological stuff. It can be optimized for Ebook covers, logo designs, movie titles and subtitles, commercials or advertisements, readers, and so on.

Moreover, the lettering of this typeface contains irregular shapes which go well with different sorts of projects and thus, enhance the readability of the readers suffering from Dyslexia. You can create astounding posters, and emblems, or write course books for children and other learning stuff using this amazing font.

Preview of Open Dyslexic Font

Open Dyslexic Font

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FAQs by Manufacturer!

What is an Open Dyslexic font?

Open Dyslexic is a specially designed typeface for those people who have some specific learning disorder known as Dyslexia. Its letters equip irregular shapes and the edges of its letters are slightly bold. This Sans-Serif typeface comes from a 5-weight family and includes all upper and lowercase letters, numerals, punctuations, and symbols.

How do I download Open Dyslexic font?

You can easily download this stunning typeface from the link given on our website and enjoy using this user-friendly typeface.

Is Open Dyslexic typeface a good Font?

It helps people a lot who are suffering from this disability and brings convenience to their learning and reading abilities.

Is open Dyslexic typeface free for commercial use?

Yes, this cordial typeface is completely free for commercial use and the user is not asked to buy the license.

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