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In today’s post, we are introducing one of the humanist fonts known as Optimum Font. This font belongs to the Sans-serif typeface and it was designed in the year 1958 by the famous typeface designer Hermann Zapf.

This typeface contains very beautiful and neat characters that are very easy to read. Its neat and legitimate characters make it the first choice of designers who want cleanliness and high readability in their design.

This font is considered a very well-pairing font or a partner font too. It always adds charm to the design and comes in a very good manner with its partner font. This modern typeface is also widely used on websites for blog posts or article purposes. Web developers love to utilize this font in their sites and make their sites more handsome using this font.

This creative font family contains a large variety of characters and it also has a total number of around two hundred and fifty-four glyphs. You can easily pair this font with trueno font. It also contains a large number of language support.

The typeface can be easily embedded in your web page by simply specifying the font in the HTML head document of your web page or by specifying it in the CSS stylesheet.

If you don’t know web development and don’t have any idea of how it is done or how to specify it then you can simply search Google you will find the predefined code just copy and paste it into your web-page documents.

Online Generator Tool of Optimum Font

This typeface also contains its free online generator tool. Which can be utilized without downloading it on your operating system. If you don’t have this font on your operating system and you don’t want to download it so you can just make use of its free online generator tool and generate beautiful text and download that text for free.

Font Info

Name Optimum Font
Designer Hermann Zapf
Style Sans Serif
License Free for personal use

Benefits of Optimum Font in Your Designs

This creative and clean typeface is used mostly in headlines, titles, magazine covers, and also in short paragraphs. It is easier to read and readers find it comfortable while reading.

Similarly, due to the same readability and cleanliness factor, it is widely used on many sites. Its beautiful and unique characters make the site look very handsome.

This typeface is highly used in logos design. Many corporate brands use this font in making logos. Because it demonstrates the brand name and icon both openly and clearly. A similar font to this typeface is united sans font. And on the same time, it will also make it look very creative and modern.

This font is also well suited for wedding cards, book composing, brochure designs, invitation cards, business cards, cover pages, and many more.

Many designers utilize this font for their brochure designs and advertising materials, and at the same time it is also commonly used in the billboards we see every day.

Optimum Font Preview

Optimum Font Download Section

  • File Type

    OTF | TTF

  • License


Download Now

This gorgeous typeface is best for many designs so you will have to download it by clicking on the given button.

Download Font for PC/MAC

More FAQs!

Is Optimum Font a free font?

Yes, this typeface is completely free both for personal and commercial use. You do not have to purchase any license for this font. It is completely free for both personal and commercial uses.

What font is similar to Optimum Font?

Fonts such as Poppins, Optima, and Metropolis fonts are more commonly considered to be most similar to this font.

What kind of font is  Optimum Font?

This is a sans-serif typeface that was designed by Hermann Zapf in the year 1958. Although It is a typeface of the 19th century still in the twentieth century because of its creative clean lines and neat structure it is still highly in use.

Is Optimum Font a good web font?

Yes, It is considered to be a good web font by many designers. This font is easy to read, it looks modern on a website, and it is very neat and clean every character of this font is separate and does not mix with other characters, It contains a large variety of glyphs and many more.

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