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Today we will talk about the most distinguished, notable, and phenomenal typeface which was purposefully designed by Google named Product Sans Font. Its letter shapes are beautifully crafted and this font falls in the category of Geometric Sans-Serif typeface.

Its geometric shape resembles with Futura Font and its stroke edges end at 45 degrees while the shape of the letters remains perpendicular to the corner of the strokes.

it creates an impression of elegance, simplicity, and clarity. Since you start using the Product Sans font, your ideas of creation are more inclined towards the sense of approachability and modesty.

The Stylish Appearance of Product Sans Font


Way to Download Product Sans Font

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    OTF | TTF

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If you like this font and want to get it for your designs, get a zip file by clicking the below-mentioned download button. After downloading open the zip file and install it on your computer.

Download Font for PC/MAC

Why the Use of Product Sans Font is Increasing Day After Day?

As this typeface’s rights are reserved by Google so it can only be used by Google and its related applications. Such as Google Play store, Google maps, Google Drive, Google Photos, and other similar applications.

This polished and delicate Sans-serif typeface is comprised of uppercase and lowercase letters and numerals only and its constrained letters render an idea of sophistication to your designs.

By the way, it is an ideal font to use in the branding and the logo design of any project because of the spaces present between its characters and its stroke terminals.

FAQs About Product Sans Font!

Is Product Sans a free typeface?

No, it’s not free at all. Its rights are completely reserved by the Google company and it can only be used in the Google applications.

What type of texture is Product Sans typeface?

Product Sans Font has a neat and elegant texture look that is perfect for various types of designs. Its letter shapes are beautifully crafted and this font falls in the category of Geometric Sans-Serif typeface.

Is Product Sans a good typeface?

Its highly approachable features and the geometric shape of its letters stand it out in the font family. The typography of this typeface is clear and opaque and the sophistication of its characters is reflected through its boundary line which creates an impeccable impression.

What font is closest to the Product Sans font?

To some extent, Futura, Gilroy, and Harmonia sans are related to the Product Sans font and can give a similar outlook to your designs.  

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