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Today’s post will be all about the modern stylish calligraphy typeface known as The Sareeka Font. This modern and stylish font was designed by the most popular typeface foundry Aqrtypeface.

This beautiful typeface contains a variety of styles and features. It is very common in use and the reason behind its so much usage is its large variety of stylistic sets and modern characters. This font is considered very suitable for a feminine design. It is primarily used in wedding invitation cards, women’s clothing designs, wedding events, and many more.

The lines of this font are thin, smooth, and cursive. Its characters are more elegant and also look very sophisticated due to which they are considered stylish and more suitable as a feminine font rather than a masculine font.

This typeface contains a large number of language supports which takes its usage to another level. The family contains a regular style which is free to use if you are willing to use it for your projects, to use it commercially you will have to purchase the license of this font.

Multiple Uses and View of Sareeka Font

Many gender design stereotype websites, that are designed specifically to target female audience uses this font as their primary font in their website. This font is considered best for designs where your target audience is female instead of men.

This can be paired with amichan font. It is also largely used on female clothing, wedding invitations, invitation cards, fashion cards, gender stereotype websites, billboards, advertising products, and many more.

Sareeka Font Preview

This typeface has also a free online generator tool. In this online generator tool, you simply type the word or a sentence the generator generates that text in this font with its different variations and styles.

A similar font to this typeface is autography font. This helps you select the right family of fonts for your brand or logo, brochure, card, or anything on which you want to use this font.

The font can also be included in your web page by specifying the font in the CSS family. If you are not aware of how to fix this font in the CSS family and use it on your web page then you can take the predefined code in the cdn font’s website along with the Instructions.

Detailed Information About Sareeka Font

Name Sareeka Font
Designer Aqrtypeface
Style Calligraphy
License Free for Personal Use

Download Sareeka Font

  • File Type

    OTF | TTF

  • License


Download Now

We are offering a free version that you can easily download for your designs, feel free to download this font by clicking the download button.

Download Font for PC/MAC


Is Sareeka Font a modern texture?

Yes, this font is considered among the modern fonts. Its stylish characters unique features and glyphs are used worldwide in this modern era.

How do I Install Sareeka Font in Windows OS?

The Installation process of this font on the Windows operating system is not very complex. Download it and click install if it is the installer file or unzip the zip file and it is all done. The new font is installed on your system.

Can I use the Sareeka font for my logo design?

Yes, of course, you can use this font for your brand logo design. You can take advantage of these beautiful font features and make your design look like one of the best designs.

Is Sareeka Font a free typeface?

Yes! If you are using this font for personal use. But If you are willing to use it for commercial projects, you have to purchase its license from the official vendor.

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