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Hello everyone!! Today I’m going to discuss the ethereal features of a new typeface that is known as Shrikhand font. Don’t be confused with the name of this font as the designer took inspiration from an Indian Gujarati dish which is quite famous because of its sweet taste and because it was the favorite dish of the author as well.

The designer of this ultra-bold typeface is Johnny Pinhorn who spent 3 years in Ahmedabad, Gujrat as he was working in an Indian Type Foundry where he established this font that is based on big, bold, and relentless characteristics.

It’s a bold font that comes from a Display typeface family and it came into existence after a prolonged discussion with friends and teammates. It is comprised of upper and lowercase letters, numerals, stylistic alternates, punctuations, and symbols. Its presence is as alluring and evocative as possible.

Different Ways to Utilize Shrikhand Font

This creamy-textured typeface is quite versatile as it can go with any kind of project and the result is explicit in the marvelous representation of the designs. Its vibrant and hand-painted lettering style enhances the cohesive elements of your project.

It can be utilized to impart lettering on walls as it will show that the lettering is done with a paintbrush. Moreover, you can create mural designs, wallpapers, or other homeware designs using this splendid typeface. In addition to this, if you want to attract more and more customers to your salon or spa then it’s friendly advice for you to design spa or salon menu cards optimizing this elegant typeface. In fact, you must adapt this font to write the name of your salon; you’ll surely be noticed by pedestrians.

Shrikhand Font

Shrikhand Font Online Generator Tool

The most elegant feature of this typeface is its copy-paste function which is supported by an online generator tool and it not only brings ease to your work by regenerating your texts into any stunning typeface of your choice or even this one but also makes your texts readable and understandable in a very less amount of time.

License Information of Shrikhand Font

This quirky yet classy typeface is presented with an Open-Source license which means that you are not required to purchase its license or to seek its permission and there is no limit to private or commercial projects as its access is entirely free.

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    OTF | TTF

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Download Now

You can obtain this adorable font family by simply clicking on the designated button, as it possesses remarkable features that make it stand out.

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Final Thoughts

In this article, we’ve highlighted the prospects and some basic uses of the Shrikhand typeface. This typeface is inspired by the Indian Gujarati sweet dish that is also known as Shrikhand as the writer delved into the creamy texture of this sweet dish which resulted in the formulation of this exquisite typeface.

This article is projected after a deep research on this typeface and we wish it fulfills the requisites and parameters set by you. And if you want to share your thoughts or information regarding this font then you are most welcome. You can share your opinion by dropping your comment in the comment box.

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