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Wake up, Guys as I’m here with a new font!!! Oh, You are already up but your mind is still sleepy? No problem at all. Just go and grab your mug of coffee to energize yourself and get rid of this tiredness. A hot cup of coffee is very essential to kick-start a new and fresh day.

Now, you must be curious that which font is actually used to design the logo of this famous coffee brand. I’ll end your curiosity here by letting you know the font name used to design the watermark of Starbucks. The “SodoSans-Black” font is used to design the logo of this famous brand.

This font was specially developed and optimized to design the logo of the brand and the brand has utilized it in all of its marketing campaigns.

The letter structure of this exceptional typeface is bold, and legible and portrays a confident yet vigorous image of the brand.

This exquisite and splendid typeface includes many stylistic alternates, accents, and a bold and stylish set of glyphs that is composed of numerals, symbols, punctuations, and upper and lowercase letters. This wonderful typeface adds more meaning to your designs and patterns.

What Is Starbucks?

The first thing that crosses your mind after hearing the word “Starbucks” is a cup of hot coffee filled with a lot of whipped cream and this cup of coffee brings energy to your everyday routine. This is not just a cup of hot Latte or Cappuccino; it is a vibe, a feeling which enables you to work more energetically and excitedly.

Starbucks is a coffee brand chain that has been established in 1971 and was founded by American co-founders. It has started its operation in Seattle, Washington. It is the largest coffee chain in the world and generates a lot of profit. Starbucks has made a strong emergence in the worldwide marketplace.

Starbucks Font

Ideas To Use Starbucks Font

According to my opinion, a modern and trendy font shall be utilized for unique purposes. So, I’ll present some of my ideas for the better utilization of this amazing font.

If you have initiated a local coffee business and thinking to design the logo of your brand then you must go with this font and print the coffee cups using this typeface in order to attract customers.

Moreover, many clothing brands can give stylish effects to their T-shirts, pants, and trousers by printing text images on them using this stunning font as these customized clothes will be perfect for a coffee date.

It can also be optimized to create customized banners, posters, car labels, art and craft projects, hotel or cafe menu cards; so on and so forth.

Starbucks Font

You can even organize themed parties to celebrate events like birthdays or friendship days and trust me, you’ll be successful to impress your friends and loved ones.

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Download Now

This classic and popular font is available here free of cost. To download this font please click on the “Download Now” button mentioned below.

Download Font for PC/MAC

Generator Tool For Starbucks Font

If you are in the mood to utilize the copy of this outstanding typeface then you can take advantage of the generator tool provided with this font.

Software like Adobe Illustrator, Canva, Paint, Word, etc. will help you to reproduce the Starbucks lettering along with its other features. So, it’s like a piece of cake to give your design a sensational effect using the generator tool.

Starbucks Font License

This font is available but for personal use only. And we strongly condemn its adoption for commercial projects without permission or purchase.

If you will do so, then you would have to bare up the consequences. It is advised to purchase the license before using it in your business-related projects.


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